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Monday, April 15, 2024

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Emser Tile’s Terazio Collection Nods to Prized 18th-Century Material

High-quality Italian porcelain tile combines state-of-the-art design
and high-definition technology

LOS ANGELES – Emser Tile, notably in its 50th year of business, introduces Terazio: an old-world meets new-world glazed porcelain series with a shimmering aesthetic reminiscent of illustrious terrazzo from ancient Tuscany.

‘Pavimento alla veneziana,’ meaning Venetian pavement, stems from the 18th-century era in which ancient Italian craftsman placed pieces of stone and glass into beds of mortar to create a scintillating flooring material. Terrazzo spread in popularity, eventually to America in the 1920s, and continues to have a strong presence in design today with expanded wall and surface applications.

Bringing to light the elegance of the material created by artisans long ago, Emser Tile’s Terazio captures speckled variations with a subtle shimmer in distinct matte and gloss finishes. The captivating collection comes in four primary patterns—Blanco, Gesso, Nero and Palladio—ranging from subtle small-scale stones to a bolder cut with random edges.

In addition, Terazio is available in special order accent colors and patterns to encourage designer customization, all while providing a durable design solution for today’s residential and commercial interiors. Designers are invited to play with scale through alternating patterns from floor to wall, indoor to outdoor, or from kitchen to bath.

To explore the collection, visit emser.com/products/terazio.

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