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Friday, July 19, 2024

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Listone Giordano & Passoni Design present – Terre Di Vigna


Can nature, design and the art of winemaking merge into a single product boosting  ancient flavors with a modern vision? Can wine be transformed into an active design catalyst? The answer is simply yes! Passoni Design, a premium furniture brand with a “passion” for wood and Listone Giordano, a reference in the high-end wooden flooring sector, have given life to Natural Culture, the original and innovative project that bets on the vitality of wood and the chameleon-like ability to slough its skin.
When it comes to design, Listone Giordano is at the forefront of innovation, with Passoni it was love at first sight. Medoc was the most suitable surface to experiment with. It was the first to be launched more than a decade ago as part of the Natural Genius cultural project at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, promoted by the Giordano Foundation and conceived by the undisputed talent of architect Michele De Lucchi. Medoc is the architect’s tribute to the French soul of our company. It is a common thread that links Umbria to the forests of Burgundy and continues to the heart of the famous Bordeaux wine region. The name Médoc – already in use well before the ancient Romans – indicates the middle territory or pagus medulorum. (It refers to the area where the famous oenological wine-making method – imitated all over the world – was born. A success determined not only by the magical grapes)

Medoc embodies the synthesis of concepts that are not always easily reconciled: Aesthetics and Ethics, external Beauty and Substance, Appearance and Essence, Surface and Pulp. Michele De Lucchi’s project with Philippe Nigro has masterfully written the opening chapter of a new book entitled Natural Genius. This innovative product stems from the idea that wood is “pulp”, made of solid, authentic, consistent material, processed through the pioneering technologies developed by the company over the years.
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