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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

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HomeNewsLunada Bay Tile debuts new vintage-inspired Textile patterned glass mosaic tile.

Lunada Bay Tile debuts new vintage-inspired Textile patterned glass mosaic tile.

For its latest collection of glass mosaic tiles, Lunada Bay Tile has channeled vintage textile patterns and weaving techniques from around the world. The new Textile line is created through a meticulous translation of embroidery, woven fabrics, and other textures into imaginative, sustainable, glimmering surfaces ideal for commercial and residential applications.

The Textile collection comes in three patterns:

Bargello: The name “Bargello” originates from the Bargello palace in Florence, Italy, specifically tracing back to a pair of 17th century chairs boasting a unique upholstery, made even more interesting by fusing in a flame stitch pattern. To emulate the needlepoint embroidery, in which vibrant wool threads were stitched onto canvas with upright flat stitches, martini-glass-shaped tiles are installed in a geometric wave with alternating colors.











Imberline: Lunada Bay Tile created Imberline in honor of traditional weaving techniques that combine various colored stripes. The lustrous glass tiles, measuring 1/2″ x 4″, are ideal for walls and backsplashes, where a dramatic stripe can make a visual impact.











Normandie Deco: For this pattern, Lunada Bay Tile gives a wave to the opulent Deco furnishings found on the SS Normandie, a 1930s French luxury ocean liner. The 1/2” x 1/2” mosaics lay out in a repeating arrow pattern of light-colored tiles interspersed on a field of brightly-colored blends.


Each pattern is available in six colorways: Anise, Blue Stone, Flannel, Lunar Eclipse, Mica, and Morning Light.

“Textile brings to life some of the world’s most beloved fabrics and furnishings,” says Feras Irikat, Director of Design and Marketing for Lunada Bay Tile. “Our fresh take on vintage techniques is both timeless and modern, for walls that immediately catch the eye and delight the imagination.”

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