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Saturday, July 20, 2024

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Lunada Bay Tile refreshes Linen Ceramic Collection

Linen-look tile features a light touch of texture
Harbor City, CA, March 5 –  Lunada Bay Tile is refreshing its popular LINEN ceramic tile collection with a new hexagon 4-inch tile and new 4 ¾ x 9 ½ tiles available in six glossy, vibrant colors. The subtly three-dimensional woven graphic brings the textured pattern to life,  giving it a rustic and elegant appearance, with all the performance benefits of porcelain tile.

“A sometimes overlooked aspect of designing a space is texture, especially when it comes to tiles,” says Feras Irikat, Director of Design and Marketing, Lunada Bay Tile. “Texture in tiles delivers depth and interest, and this tactile quality adds a touch of personality.

”The LINEN collection is distinct and concise with its representation of a traditional linen material. Consider the unique interplay of texture and color: textured tiles can either emphasize or soften the vibrancy of hues in a room, depending on the surrounding interior elements.

“LINEN’s interesting formats, colors and texture allow for true customization,” says Irikat. “These tiles offer a unique versatility that can adapt to a range of design styles. Whether you seek a rustic charm or a sleek, modern aesthetic, LINEN provides an elegant solution.” 

The handcrafted tiles feature a refined palette of glazes that emanate simple elegance. The four-inch hexagonal tile is available in all LINEN colors and can be fitted together to form a honeycomb network. Beautiful and aesthetically appealing, the 4 ¾ x 9 ½ tiles also are available in all six colors: Summer White, Denim, Sable, Mélange, Dapper Grey, and Metropolis. A liner also is available so that projects can be professionally completed with a clean, finished edge. All tiles pair seamlessly with other collections in the Lunada Bay Tile design house, offering the opportunity to design surfaces with graceful nonchalance.“We’re excited to continue to push the limits of what tile can do,  artistically and functionally,” says Irikat. “This  collection gives people many opportunities to customize wonderful spaces by adding texture, color and personality.”

LINEN is a high temperature fired clay suitable for indoor and outdoor use and offers endless design combinations. It can be used in showers, commercial and residential walls, backsplashes and for a fireplace façade.

About Lunada Bay Tile
Lunada Bay Tile creates handcrafted glass, ceramic, and concrete tile with an emphasis on artistic simplicity, texture, and color. The name Lunada Bay Tile honors the beautiful Palos Verdes Peninsula of Los Angeles and exhibits the brand’s design philosophy – to blend traditional craftsmanship with modern influences while exploring the boundaries of material possibilities. To learn more about Lunada Bay Tile and view the entire product line visit LunadaBayTile.com or call (310) 257-1300.

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