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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

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Make your own mosaics with Interstyle

 Interstyle offers hundreds of colors to choose from to brighten your space and create amazing artwork. Start working with Interstyle now or select from stunning designed options.

Make your own custom mosaic

1. Bring Interstyle your design inspiration and create your own unique mosaic.

2. Work directly with Interstyle’s dedicated design team and your own ColorLAB specialist to get the most for your installation.

3. You are provided with an exclusive design folder including free color samples that are specific to your project.

4. Installation is easy! A simple and complete installation guide is provided with your order with easy to follow placement diagrams.

Find Out More
The Interstyle Mosaic Design team would love to work with you on your installation.
Contact Interstyle directly to start your project.
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