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Monday, May 20, 2024

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Introduce yourself through Member Spotlights

Nice to meet you!

Our Member Spotlight section is usually where we shine a light on an individual NTCA contractor member. Sometimes our spotlights focus on longstanding members and sometimes brand new members take the opportunity to introduce themselves to the membership through this feature.

At year end 2022, we logged an unprecedented number of new members so we thought issuing an invitation to these new men and women – and seasoned members of NTCA who haven’t been featured yet – would help all you readers to get to know some contractors and their unique journeys that you are in community with through NTCA. 

These are the questions we address in our Member Spotlight feature:

  1. Company Name, City, Website
  2. What kind of work do you do? Residential, commercial, new homes, renovations, any specialties?
  3. Short history and “flavor” of company – what sets you apart from competition in your market?
  4. How long have you been with the NTCA?
  5. What is your reason for joining NTCA?
  6. What is the greatest value you get from being a NTCA member? How do you think/expect/hope it will affect your business – or how has it already? 
  7. Do you have Certified Tile Installers or ACT-certified installers on staff? If so, how many and when were they certified? How has having Certified Tile Installers impacted your business?
  8. What kind of training and education events do you attend throughout the year? 
  9. What industry events do you attend throughout the year? What value do you find there?
  10. How have you navigated through the challenges of COVID through supply chain disruptions and inflation to keep afloat – and prosper?  How does 2023 look to be shaping up for you? 
  11. What is your biggest challenge as a tile contractor? 
  12. What is the greatest joy or satisfaction you get from being a tile contractor?

Generally, we’ll email these questions to members with a request for brief answers. Then we’ll craft your answers into an 800-word narrative. Some members like to write their spotlight in first person, and that’s fine too! And don’t worry if you can’t answer EVERY question – this isn’t an inquisition, it’s more like a cocktail party chat!

In addition to the story, we like to showcase the kind of work you do. We ask for a headshot, company logo and one to four images of a project or several projects you are particularly proud of – or that exemplifies your work – with a short description of the challenges of the project and how you overcame them. It’s essential that these images be 300 dpi or a file size that is 450K or 2-3 MB large – at least 2500 pixels wide. The small size images that get posted on social media won’t do for print – we need high resolution for clear reproduction. 

We run this feature in every regular TileLetter issue, so if you are curious about what others have written, take a look at past TileLetter issues, or go to www.tileletter.com and search for Member Spotlights.

So, consider this your formal invitation to submit your story to us at TileLetter. I have 10 opportunities to shine a light on women and men who are doing amazing work as tile contractor members, and we want to feature YOU. If you’re curious, but want more information, please contact me at [email protected]. I look forward to getting you on the schedule for 2023 and helping the membership get to know you!   

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Lesley Goddin has been writing and journaling since her first diary at age 11. Her journey has taken her through a career in publishing and publicity, landing her the editor position of TileLetter and its special publications in 2006. Her goal is to educate, inspire, recognize and encourage those in the tile industry -- especially the tile and stone contractor.

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