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Monday, April 15, 2024

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Mercury Mosaics strengthens team with strategic leadership expansion to enhance its Artisanal Legacy

In alignment with robust growth and industry demands, the female-founded, handcrafted tile manufacturer introduces three key positions to its leadership team.
MINNEAPOLIS, MN – March 14, 2024 – Mercury Mosaics, the female-founded premiere maker of sustainable, handcrafted ceramic tiles, is excited to announce a significant expansion in its leadership team. With the appointments of Sarah Lien as Chief Marketing Officer, Emma Remer as Product Manager, and Emily Awaijane as Sales and Business Development Director, Mercury Mosaics firmly steps into place as a leader in the handmade artisan tile market.

Over the past four years, Mercury Mosaics has been dedicated to strengthening its people, refining its processes, and elevating its products, all while improving its facilities to align with the brand’s goals and vision for the future. The establishment of these leadership positions stems from the company’s strategic planning and significant growth, marking a pivotal moment with the redistribution of the founder’s responsibilities across a broader leadership team. These new roles will allow Mercury Mosaics to diversify strategic operations across several members of leadership to build a healthier business for longer-term sustainability.

“I am incredibly grateful for the value these women bring to the team and the fresh energy they have imbued into this dream,” said Mercury Mosaics Founder, Mercedes Austin. “I am proud that we are artists who are just as fanatical about design as we are about our data and the two together have been our secret sauce to sustaining a business through two economic crashes over 20+ years.”

Sarah Lien

Chief Marketing Officer – Sarah Lien
The decision to appoint a full-time Chief Marketing Officer comes as Mercury Mosaics transitions from relying on a fractional CMO to embracing a strategic marketing approach essential for the company’s future. Sarah Lien’s role will enhance brand visibility and foster sustainable growth by driving market presence and ensuring seamless integration into sales channels. With a background in channel marketing, strategic planning, and brand development, Lien will synergize marketing functions and support and empower the marketing team with results that drive sales.

Emma Remer

Product Manager- Emma Remer
The creation of the Product Manager position, filled by Emma Remer, addresses the need for a dedicated role to streamline the transition of products from research and development to market, ensuring a unified approach across operations and marketing. This strategic move aims to optimize team efficiency and product introduction processes, highlighting the importance of agility and focus on product-driven businesses. After running her own creative businesses over the last five years, Remer’s attention to detail and creative capabilities will be essential to keeping things moving smoothly from the initial prototype to product launch.

Emily Awaijane

Sales and Business Development Director- Emily Awaijane
Emily Awaijane’s role as Sales and Business Development Director is designed to bridge the gap between Mercury Mosaics’ existing sales efforts and a more expansive strategic sales approach. By focusing on building robust sales channels and external relationships, this role aims to diversify the company’s growth avenues beyond its traditional marketing driven strategy, ensuring long-term sustainability and market penetration. Boasting more than fourteen years of experience in sales, marketing, and business development, Awaijane brings a demonstrated history of scaling businesses, expanding market presence, and nurturing meaningful relationships with both customers and partners.

About Mercury Mosaics
Mercury Mosaics is the premiere maker of bespoke, handcrafted ceramic tiles, where the beauty of art and tile precision coalesce. Offering a diverse portfolio of hand-cut and hand glazed products, the team of artisans demonstrate a steadfast commitment to creating unique, beautiful offerings while prioritizing environmental sustainability. With an array of ready-to-ship classics and blends, as well as the ability to undertake custom projects, Mercury Mosaics has positioned itself as a trusted partner in the realm of architecture and design. For more information, visit www.mercurymosaics.com.

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