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Sunday, July 21, 2024

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MiniPro by Impertek: mini size, pro performance

Discover how you can save time with MiniPro. MiniPro allows you to cover heights from 25 to 50 mm with a single product. Thanks to the double adjustment and the included MiniDome extension, it is possible to maintain the minimum height and reach the maximum required one. No more different supports and numerous items, but a single product for all installation solutions: tile, decking and rail.

Thanks to the exclusive EasyOn system, it is easy and quick to switch from tile to decking laying mode with a single head. The dual functionality of the head, made possible by this innovative system, optimises storage spaces and logistical management of warehouses, simplifies the calculation of the necessary quantities and the installation, guaranteeing safety and sturdiness.

Self-Leveling and Fixed Head
Thanks to the revolutionary “All in one” system, the head can be used to automatically adjust the slope up to 5%. With the new MiniPro, as a matter of fact, the concave and convex parts of the head and screw allow the self-levelling movement during laying, while minimising slippage once the final flooring has been laid. By adding the Fix Ring, the MiniPro head becomes firmly fixed.

About Impertek
For 30 years, we have studied the problems of construction sites in order to find useful solutions with high technical performance, creating products that last over time using innovative raw materials and certified production systems. Visit impertek.com for more information.

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