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Thursday, July 18, 2024

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Neolith® takes hyper-realism to the next level with full-body veining

Neolith®, a market-leading brand of Sintered Stone, is taking the design of its material even further with revolutionary Full Body Veining technology: a game-changing innovation that achieves an essential degree of detail the industry has struggled to achieve over the last decade.

Since Neolith first arrived on the market in 2009, the brand has strived to manufacture surfaces as true to the original source material as possible, but with the enhanced strength and characteristics of Sintered Stone.

From sustainable, high definition digital design to continually improved natural composition, Neolith has positioned itself as the industry pioneer. The brand is known for creating patterns which faithfully imitate materials found in nature such as marble, stone, metals and wood.

Neolith® Full Body Veining

Neolith® Full Body Veining achieves veins throughout the entire slab and not just the surface, replicating the 3D veining found in genuine stone such as marble. The hyper-realistic effect will be visible in the slab’s edges and will thus be implemented in the 1/2″ and 3/4” thickness models.

This new technology is an industry milestone, and comes after seven years of intense research and development. Two prototypes were recently showcased by Neolith in Verona, Italy, where visitors to the brand’s Xth Anniversary installation had the chance to see the level of refinement with the slabs’ veining.

Neolith® Full Body Veining

Carlos García, Head of Product Design at Neolith, commented: “Neolith’s introduction of its new Full Body Veining technology is a significant step in the brand’s design evolution and means a new generation of Neolith models will soon be released. Where before the veining stopped at the edges of the slabs, they now continue throughout the material, giving a more authentic appearance.

Both the technology and new Neolith® Full Body Veining collections will be launched in 2020.

For more information on the current collection and Neolith® Full Body Veining, click here.

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