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PayFin Distribution is bringing to Florida panhandle

Santa Rosa Beach, FL – October 7, 2020 – Schönox HPS North America, Inc. and PayFin Distribution announced their partnership to provide the full line of Schönox subfloor products to the Florida Panhandle. The PayFin – Schönox alliance will put valuable Schönox technology into the hands of the region’s professional flooring community. Florida Panhandle installers and contractors address quite varied subfloor and floor covering projects every day and hurricane-related flooding on more extreme days. 

“PayFin Distribution is a new venture, providing us the luxury to carefully choose our flooring partners who will help us to strategically grow our business and fully service the needs of our diverse customer base,” explained Mike Anderson, Owner, PayFin Distribution. “Schönox made strong business sense for our enterprise, positioning us for revenues in the commercial and residential sectors with all manner of floor coverings.”

PayFin has already seen strong interest in Schönox products, meeting the unique needs of the Florida Panhandle. Schönox SL smoothing and finishing compound is moisture resistant, a quality of great value in the region. Hurricane recovery projects are aided by Schönox EPA, a moisture barrier addressing residual moisture up to 100% RH. 

“The Schönox products are outstanding, but I am more impressed by the level of service Schönox brings at every level all the way to the job site,” commented Philip Semasko, Account Manager, PayFin Distribution. “The Schönox sales and technical teams are force-multipliers for us, allowing more projects to be covered in greater depth.”

PayFin Distribution delivers many of its orders directly to job sites, allowing customers to leverage the time of their contractor crews. “We are excited to be working with PayFin, a partnership pairing PayFin’s entrepreneurial spirit and energy with Schönox’s highly engineered subfloor products and technical expertise,” explained Doug Young, Executive Vice President, Schönox HPS North America. “The PayFin-Schönox partnership will bring our products to an under-served region delivered by a strategic business partner with outstanding customer service targets.”

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