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Polycor Launches New Hardscapes & Masonry Product Line

Global leader in architectural and commercial natural stone building products now offers sustainable and durable stone hardscapes products


Quebec City, October 16, 2019 – Polycor, the world’s largest natural stone quarrier is expanding into an entirely new market segment with the launch of its new Hardscapes & Masonry (H&M) product line this week at the Hardscape North America trade show in Louisville, Kentucky. The new product line was formed via mergers with Swenson Granite Works and Indiana Limestone Company, and most recently Elliott Stone. Leveraging these companies’ combined centuries of experience, Polycor is bringing unmatched expertise in the production of natural stone to landscape and masonry products, positioning Polycor Hardscapes & Masonry as the provider of choice for landscape architects and contractors across North America.

The new product line brings the aesthetics and durability of natural stone to the hardscapes market with easy-to-install products including pavers, pool coping, steps and treads, veneers, walls and caps, edging, accents, posts and ornamentals. Polycor Hardscapes & Masonry products are 100% natural stone that has been sourced responsibly and manufactured in the U.S.

“From the curb to the backyard, using natural stone truly pays for itself,” said John Machunis, Vice-President, Polycor H&M Sales. “We are confident and feel very strongly that our natural stone products will answer the market’s demand for organic materials with very low VOC emissions and impact on the environment. Not only is natural stone sustainable, it also meets the aesthetic and performance needs of modern design and in many cases easy to install.”

Polycor natural stone hardscapes and masonry products are well-suited for landscaping and outdoor applications that withstand freeze-thaw cycle in northern climates and the scorching heat of southern summers. Natural stone products also resist cracking, flaking and discoloration, maintaining their natural and unique appearance throughout their lifespan.

In addition, natural stone products are inherently more sustainable than some alternatives, potentially contributing to green building codes and standards.

The Polycor family of companies now includes 1,200 employees, more than 50 quarries and 18 factories across North America and Europe, plus 9 retail stores and 11 offices worldwide.

For more information, including product information, inspirations galleries and how-to guides, visit https://hardscapes.polycor.com.

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