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Thursday, May 23, 2024

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Portobello America to unveil distinctive Wall Tile Collections

Portobello America (PBA) will be unveiling a mesmerizing portfolio of wall tile collections at Coverings 2024 in Atlanta, GA, Booth #7320 in Hall C. Designed to empower one’s creative vision; these ranges offer exceptional versatility, artistic expression, and modern functionality.

Impasto Collection:
Unleash your artistic dreams with the Impasto Collection, a range of small-format, satin-finish tiles inspired by the expressive brushstrokes of iconic artists like Pollock and Kusama. Offering a vibrant palette of 16 colors, divided into captivating sky and sunset hues, these can be mixed-and-to create a truly personalized vertical masterpiece.

The Impasto Collection features amazingly unique 3D tile format, creating a special dimension to your designs. Just imagine three-dimensional drops of color breathing life into your walls!

Watercolor Collection:
Infuse your designs with artistic flair with the Watercolor Collection, a line of small format glazed ceramic wall tiles. Inspired by layered colors in watercolor paintings, this collection creates a stunning 3D effect, adding depth and one-of-a-kind character to any interior.

Featuring a 9-color palette ranging from warm to cool watercolor tones, the 4×16″ format allows for creative layouts, while the glossy finish adds a touch of modern panache.    

Puraforma Collection:
Puraforma offers exceptional wall tiles available in seven captivating monochromatic colors. Available in two practical sizes: 18×48″ and 4×8″, they creative a sense of freedom in your designs.

Puraforma’s main highlight is its unique texture, featuring long, tapered lines that lend a sophisticated dynamism to any room. The matte finish adds a touch of smoothness, while subtle textural variations create visual motion across your walls.

Puraforma provides endless possibilities. Express your very own aesthetic by specifying a collection combining timeless elegance with a pinch of modern movement. 

Krea 2.0:
The Krea 2.0 collection redefines versatility with its small-format, glazed ceramic tiles. Available in an “easy to design with” 4×16″ format, Krea 2.0 retains its most beloved colors while introducing exciting new trends.

Offering a spectrum of options, from calming neutrals to bold statement tones truly unique spaces, Krea 2.0 challenges designers to explore endless visual possibilities. Whether your favor the understated elegance of desaturated hues… or the vibrancy of green and navy blue, these tiles seamlessly integrate with diverse materials and tomorrow’s styles.

Choose from matte, glossy, and bullnose finishes to create stunning walls, offering amazing texture and color partnerships.

About Portobello America
Portobello America, a subsidiary of the Portobello Group, is a design brand dedicated to enhancing every household environment. With a committed creative team focusing on research and development, paired with our cutting-edge manufacturing facility, Portobello America endeavors to craft, produce, and deliver a diverse range of surface formats tailored specifically for the U.S. market. Situated in Baxter, TN, our advanced 1 million square foot facility is primed to curate a distinctive and sustainable portfolio, transforming spaces and evoking emotions. With an annual capacity of 60 million square feet and state-of-the-art automated production, our integrated business model is built on a solid foundation encompassing retail, logistics, design, and innovation, empowering us to provide comprehensive support to our partners. For more information, please visit www.portobelloamerica.com.

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