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Friday, May 17, 2024

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A revitalized Stonepeak Ceramics debuts at Coverings 2024 with three Avant-Garde Collections and modern branding

(Atlanta, GA April 2024) –Stonepeak Ceramics, the U.S. operation of the Italian Iris
Ceramica Group and a prominent manufacturer of high-tech porcelain and stoneware
solutions, presents three new American-made high tech porcelain collections at Coverings 2024 in Booth 7136. The new collections are achieved utilizing the recent state-of-the-art investments made to enhance manufacturing operations. In addition, in celebration of its 20th anniversary, Stonepeak debuts its newly updated logo, revitalized marketing and merchandising strategy.

Three trend-setting collections— Stellalith, Solumbria, and Ikonite— created with the
company’s latest 12-bar digital printers from the latest round of investments, are unveiled
for the first time at Coverings. These collections are available in the dimensions: 24”x48”,
24”x24”, 12”x24’’ and feature interesting mosaics, including 3×3’’ and 4×4’’ hexagon and

Two new advanced finishes are also introduced, developed to provide solutions for market demands. The Honed+ finish features a natural look and feel, combined with an impressive DCOF value that balances ease of maintenance with slip resistance, making Honed+ ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. Solumbria and Stellalith are available in the new Honed+ finish. Natural Gloss is the other new finish, offering a natural effect where a glossy ink is applied digitally, and synchronized with the desired part of the graphic to mimic natural stone. In the Solumbria collection, this effect highlights specific veining details.

Stonepeak’s signature XL formats 24×48’’, 48”x48”, unmatched 60×120” 6mm slabs, U.S.
made countertop solutions in 12mm and 2cm, and cutting-edge terrazzo, such as Venice Villa, and newly introduced trendy wall coverings, Elementi Rivestimento, Citta’ di Faenza, Theke Tempere and Camp are also on display in the booth. Several innovations showcased in the booth demonstrate Stonepeak and Iris Ceramica Group’s commitment to providing the latest most avant-garde solutions, including ATTRACT, DYS, Hypertouch and 4D ceramics.

Originally presented at Cersaie, a custom art inspired DYS mural entitled “Blooming
Bonds,” created by international artist Becha has been reinstalled at Coverings. “The Art
of being a Group” is a unique narration of the many faces of the Iris Ceramica Group’s
brands, all sharing a clear business vision: re-engineering ceramics to improve the
interaction between humans and the environment.

The DYS installation invites visitors to interact with the exhibit by removing and
rearranging parts of the artwork using our patented technology, ATTRACT. ATTRACT is
a magnetic laying system for slabs designed with the circular economy in mind and
guaranteed by Granitech, the technological brand of the Iris Ceramica Group. This
modular system consists of porcelain slabs made to be magnetic, allowing for vertical or
horizontal installation without the need for glues or supporting structures, and facilitating
quick and easy demolition when removing each porcelain slab. With this technology, the
‘one-time-use’ logic is replaced by the far-sighted choice of reusability and

The booth’s building materials and structures will be completely reused and reinstalled,
demonstrating the Group’s commitment to the recyclable economy, limiting waste and
lowering its carbon footprint.

Visitors also have an interactive opportunity to experience the exclusive Hypertouch
technology which is cleverly concealed under or behind the ceramic panels or counters.
The Hypertouch integrated system of home-automation sensors are activated to switch
on and off lighting and audio-video devices, control doors and windows and set the room
temperature. Hypertouch enhances the design and continuity of surfaces, eliminating
unsightly cover plates and external switches.

Also, on display in the booth are the revolutionary 4D ceramics— an industry-changing re-engineered porcelain surface that takes innovation to the next level. Utilizing groundbreaking full-body technology, these ceramics and available in 12- and 20-mm thicknesses, set a new standard in the industry. With 4D ceramics, the continuity between the surface and body are seamless, ensuring that veining, color shades, and geometric patterns remain consistent throughout. This innovative approach blurs the distinction between surface and edge, offering a cohesive visual experience akin to natural stone. These new collections, along with all Stonepeak products, meet healthy building requirements and certifications, including ISO 9001, LEED, EPD, Green Gold, Green Squared and Declare.

About Stonepeak Ceramics:
Stonepeak Ceramics, U.S. operation of Italian parent company Iris Ceramica Group, has
been pioneering porcelain stoneware solutions since its establishment in 2004. It is the
leading domestic manufacturer of high-end ceramics solutions, renowned for its relentless
pursuit of innovation, unrivaled product quality, and unwavering commitment to
exceptional service. With its headquarters in Chicago, IL, and its manufacturing plant in
Crossville, Tennessee, Stonepeak Ceramics leads the industry, taking porcelain surfaces
to new heights according to the Group’s vision:
Re-engineering ceramics to improve the interaction between people and the environment.

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