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Rock the Room: home designs inspired by 4 music icons

Get ready to rock out as Houzz presents a series of 3D floor plans inspired by four musicians hot off the tour circuit: Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Chris Stapleton and Madonna. Created with Houzz Pro’s 3D Floor Planner, each room embodies the essence of these acclaimed icons. Whether you’re listening to Cowboy Carter on repeat or reliving the best moments from Madonna’s “Celebration” tour, these designs allow you to immerse yourself in the style of your favorite musicians while sparking inspiration for your own space. So grab your metaphorical ticket to the concert, and let these floor plans transport you to a world where music meets design.

“Designing these spaces was like curating the perfect playlist, where every element – from the overall layout to the smallest accent details – was carefully selected to mirror each musician’s brand characteristics,” said Madison Holmlund, Houzz designer. “The Houzz Pro 3D Floor Planner tool makes it easy to create a personalized design that fits the unique needs of each homeowner, whether they’re looking for a room to inspire their next hit song or gather their loved ones together for a family dinner.”

Using the 3D Floor Planner, design and remodeling pros can quickly and easily create a visual representation of their design to showcase their ideas, implement feedback and ultimately move projects forward with confidence, so clients know exactly what to expect.

“Designers and remodelers rave about the impact of the Houzz Pro 3D Floor Plan tool on their sales process,” said Liza Hausman, Houzz VP of Industry Marketing. “It quickly conveys the project vision to homeowners, saves significant time by eliminating manual measurements, and generally blows clients away with the level of detail and visualization options. Plus, it’s integrated with other Houzz Pro tools, like Selections, which improves productivity throughout the project.”

Houzz Pro’s 3D Floor Planner transforms the entire project experience for homeowners and professionals alike, from early concepts to finishing touches. Designers and remodelers can guide clients through the space using augmented reality; integrate floor plans into Mood Boards and Selections; and streamline the back-office workflow by connecting with other tools like TakeoffsEstimates and Proposals

Let’s take a look at the designs inspired by a few of our favorite musicians:

Taylor SwiftThis home office embodies the essence of a true boss and TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year. Drawing inspiration from Taylor Swift’s iconic “Midnights” music videos, the room blends upscale, modern elements with a touch of ’70s flair to create a welcoming sanctuary adorned with plush furnishings and personal touches. The desk is positioned in front of a large window surrounded by built-in cabinets to showcase accolades and mementos, while offering views of lush greenery to inspire Swift’s songwriting process. The ambiance beckons Swift to pick up her guitar, settle in at the piano or type out new tortured poet lyrics whenever inspiration strikes. 

Tour the 3D Floor Plan, and get the look from this home office on the Houzz Shop.

BeyoncéStep into a sophisticated primary bathroom retreat fit for the illustrious Queen Bey, where Cowboy Carter’s country roots meet the metallic allure of her Renaissance tour. Wood accents blend seamlessly with sleek statement lighting in a space that pays homage to her boundless artistry and ever-evolving reign. Imagine Beyoncé’s new line of Cécred hair products adorning the opulent dressing table, and don’t miss the beautiful bee wall decor, a striking testament to her loyal BeyHive’s unwavering support. This is the ideal haven to relax in a freestanding bathtub as a fire crackles in the background, or enter the moody and luxurious shower where a built-in bench invites you to linger in the serenity of a private oasis.

Tour the 3D Floor Plan, and get the look from this primary bathroom on the Houzz Shop.

Chris Stapleton: This sprawling transitional kitchen, inspired by the rugged charm of the American heartland, is an entertainer’s dream meets culinary haven. Drawing inspiration from Chris Stapleton’s soulful music and down-to-earth persona, this kitchen exudes warmth and character from the shaker-style wood cabinets to the copper-hammered range hood. Rustic elegance meets modern functionality, inviting you to pull up a chair, grab a plate and savor the flavors of his musical journey. You can almost envision Stapleton himself, pouring a smooth glass of whiskey at the home bar while weaving together the lyrics of his next chart-topping hit.

Tour the 3D Floor Plan, and get the look from this kitchen on the Houzz Shop.

MadonnaDiners will be captivated by this visually stunning entertaining space, befitting a performer who has continued to reinvent herself and shape pop culture for decades. As you take your seat in this luxurious throne room, your eyes are drawn to the myriad high-impact design elements that surround you. The fireplace, adorned with flickering candles, commands attention with its regal presence. A grand chandelier hangs majestically above the oversized dining table, adding a touch of opulence to every meal. But perhaps the most breathtaking feature of all is the bank of floor-to-ceiling windows that frame the space, allowing natural light to flood in and offering panoramic views of the world outside. 

Tour the 3D Floor Plan, and get the look from this dining room on the Houzz Shop.

Check out Houzz for inspiration for your own home design, and find pros using Houzz Pro to see a 3D Floor Plan of your space before you begin your next project! 

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