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Monday, July 8, 2024

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RollRanger™: tape edge sensor tool launched

Device offers time savings for packing and shipping industry

Arlington, Mass. – Optics for Hire, an optical system product development company, recently announced the launch of the first product based on the company’s tape edge detection technology. 

The product, under the RollRanger™ brand, is available  at Amazon.com: Roll Ranger Tape Edge Finder. The tool is also available in select Ace Hardware® retail stores.

The RollRanger™ tape edge sensor with LED Indicator takes the frustration out of finding the edge of a roll of tape. The patent pending sensor is the world’s first tool that can find and then easily extract the edge of a roll of tape

“Losing the tape edge is a familiar annoyance for millions of people.” said company founder John Ellis. “Maybe your fingernails are too short and your eyes not as sharp, you lose the edge and then spend time trying to find the edge, only to have it split and shred. Our product fixes both those problems. “

The technology developed at the Optics For Hire office in Lviv Ukraine, and is highly accurate for any tape thickness or color.

A video of the product in action can be found at Roll Ranger Tape Edge Sensor Video  

Find more information about RollRanger™ at https://www.rollranger.store

Got questions? Contact [email protected]

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About Optics For Hire

Optics for Hire is a privately held product development company. Founded in 2002, OFH provides product development and prototyping services for clients with difficult, optics-centric requirements. OFH specializes in lens design for LED illumination, medical devices, scientific instrumentation, and imaging lenses. It delivers complete product design including electronic, mechanical, and optical engineering; and computer vision software development. For more information, see https://www.opticsforhire.com .

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