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Saturday, June 15, 2024

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Spanish Companies Showcase Trends and Innovations at Coverings 2021

Miami, FL July 2021 – Spanish companies exhibit product innovations and trends during Coverings 2021, North America’s largest international tile and stone exhibition and conference.

Droves of architects, designers, distributers, retailers and industry professionals happened upon the notable red carpet lining the Spanish pavilion for a look at some of the most advanced ceramic tile technology and breathtaking designs hailing from Spain. 

Trending highlights of the Spain Pavilion at Coverings include:

Warm Tones 

Earth-tones continue to rise as we turn to hues that we use to render exterior spaces. Influences of raw nature are subtle with pure organic undertones that speak to comfort and home. 

Layers and Texture

Surface finish and texture combine to create a nuanced field that brings hyper-reality to the forefront of design. Technical inks supply the ingenuity and infrastructure to conjure physical textures that relate perfectly to the graphic imagery of a space. 

Geometric Sequence

Tessellating geometrics with a rise in hexagons, triangles and chevrons abound. Solid colors finished in both glossy and matte coatings play incredibly well together creating a dynamic yet subtle layer of interest.

Marble Madness

As the efficacy of replicating realistic stones becomes more simplified, we start ranging further afield to create fantastical examples of natural rock. Spanish companies are perfecting the flecked nature of marbled materials by melding hypnotic gemstone hues with deep crystalized veining.

Digital Augmentation 

Mid-piece effects and transitions in structure and finish add tiers of detail to build an organic composition. Layered glazes and inks bring depth of tone and finish. Digitally deposited adhesives fix particles of frit to recreate the worn classic glaze.

Small Scale in the Great Outdoors

To celebrate the macro scale capabilities of modern production, we see a return to classic sizes like the 8×8”, that call upon iconic motifs and glazing styles of Modernist times and retro design. The rise of smaller formats, especially for exteriors helps satisfy safety as well as aesthetics.

For more about tile produced in Spain, contact: Tile of Spain Center at the Trade Commission of Spain, 2655 Le Jeune Road, Suite 1114, Coral Gables, FL 33134, call 305-446-4387, email [email protected] or visit tileofspainusa.com.Connect with Tile of Spain on Facebook and Instagram at TileofSpainUSA; and on Twitter and Pinterest at TileofSpain.

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