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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

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Take part in the Tile Heritage Online Art Tile Auction

The Tile Heritage Foundation will hold its Fall Online Auction from October 25 – 30. Funds from this upcoming event will provide support for the Foundation’s ongoing tile history archiving project as well as a comprehensive online index capturing the history of ceramic tile in the United States from the 1870s to the present day. Art tiles in this auction were generously contributed from artisans around the country to Tile Heritage. In normal times, art tiles would have been shown and sold during the Moravian Pottery and Tile Works Spring Tile Festival, which was cancelled this year due to the pandemic.

For information on the auction, go to https://www.tileheritage.org/pdfs/ArtTileAuctionFall2020.pdf

Go directly to the auction at https://www.biddingowl.com/Auction/home.cfm?auctionID=23924

Sincere thanks to contributing tile artists. A very special thanks to:

  • Vance Koehler and Eric Boynton for photographing and documenting art tiles for auction
  • Katia McGuirk for promotion
  • Joe Taylor for editing
  • Sheila Menzies for curating and managing the auction on behalf of Tile Heritage

Studio and artist donated art tiles:

  • Allie Hall Tile & Pottery (Allie Hall)
  • Anna Cabo Artglass (Anna Cabo)
  • Arcana Tileworks (Nancy Krug)
  • Architerra Austin (Alan Barber)
  • Bella Vista Tile (Lisa Tevia Clark)
  • Bosetti Art Tile & Pottery (Marina Bosetti)
  • Bright River Studio (Terri Goodwin)
  • Carrie Anne Parks
  • Craven Manor Pottery (Gary Warkentin)
  • Debbie Felix Art Tile & Mosaics (Debbie Felix)
  • Ellen Stakes Handmade Tiles (Ellen Stakes)
  • Giorgini Handmade Tile (Frank Giorgini)
  • Jeremy River Pottery (Joy A. Tyler)
  • Gail Sander
  • Laird Plumleigh Studios (Laird Plumleigh)
  • Margaret Licha Designs (Margaret Licha)
  • Isle Tile (Mary Lynn Buss)
  • Mizner Tile Studio (Brenda Lusher)
  • MM
  • Moshkoff Studios (Ksenia Pirvits)
  • Native Tile & Ceramics (Diana Mauser)
  • NY Tilemakers (Andru Eron)
  • Janet Ontko Clay Forms (Janet Ontko)
  • Peace Valley Tile (Will Mead)
  • P Squared Ware Art Tile (Patricia Tolton)
  • Pratt & Larson Ceramics
  • Alfredo Ratinoff
  • Ravenstone Tiles (Laura Reutter)
  • Syzygy (Josh & Carolyn White)
  • Think Good Tiles (Kathy Casper)
  • Unicorn Studio (Paul Zelenka)
  • Virginia Dains
  • Weaver Tile (Scott Weaver)
  • Whistling Frog Tile Company (Rick Pruckler & Tonya Lutz)
  • Whispering Hill Studio (Mandy Baker)
  • Winged Dog Tile (Sandra Cosner & David Vargo)
  • Yerba Buena Tile (David Wilson)
  • Youthful Folly Studio (Jaki Reed)
  • Xanadu Tile (Zsofia Dadi)

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