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Friday, April 12, 2024

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Transformation of a poet’s studio into a home with DECOCER ceramics

  • The project respects the original values of the studio-workshop and uses local materials such as ceramics, in search of sustainability. 
  • The interior designers define their work as “rescuing the poetry of space”.
  • The house has been renovated by the prestigious Vitale studio.

Rehabilitation of the studio-workshop of the poet Bernat Artola and transformed into a home (Castellón, Spain). Rescuing the poetry of space.

In the historic center of the small Spanish city of Mediterranean tradition, Castellón, we find the rehabilitation and transformation of the studio-workshop of the poet and artist Bernat Artola into a home for a creative couple.  The Vitale studio, author of the change, is able to rescue its roots and tell its story, using small-size ceramic pieces from Decocer.  

When the interior designers tackled the renovation of the house, it was in its original state, which has allowed them to recover the essence of the original construction while providing an open look and adapted to the needs of modern life. 

Rescuing the poetry of the space

The result highlights the warm and authentic soul of the space in search of a very functional and inspiring home. The interior designers define this work as “Rescuing the poetry of space”, because from within these walls came the verses of the Valencian poet. 

It is a project that reflects the commitment to the place, with sustainability and the use of traditional materials and proximity, as is the case of Decocer’s small sizes tiles, which is used strategically in several places. 

An olive green glazed ceramic tile acts as a headboard

The master bedroom incorporates a modernist dresser and headboard that is framed by a backlit volume clad in traditional small-scale olive green Decocer ceramics. Also in the bathrooms, the intermediate spaces and on the wall of an elevated outdoor patio, small-size ceramics from the same firm are used. These are pieces with a marked glaze inspired by traditional and time-honored ceramics. 

The design provides multifunctional spaces, minimizes passage areas, optimizes the available surface and allows natural light to enter. It is a project that brings out the potential of the essence of the pre-existing with honesty and coherence. In addition, it is designed to provide calm and well-being to those who live there. 

The house is developed around three large cores: the night area, the day area and the outdoor space. The floor plan is elongated rectangular and has a usable area of almost 80 m2 connected to a peculiar, elevated patio of another 25 sqm. Originally the house was subdivided into 8 spaces, with only one bathroom and a small kitchen.

The old solid brick that was covered by a layer of plaster is brought to light, as well as the traditional ceilings are restored to become a protagonist element through indirect lighting.

All the doors, as well as the decorative window that separates the living room from the kitchen, are original elements that have been stripped and finished only with natural wax.

Vitale: “We create homes that tell the story of those who will live in them”

Vitale is a studio specialized in interior design projects, strategic branding, design consultancy and corporate communication. About their work in interior design, they define themselves as “creators of homes that tell the story of those who are going to live in them”.  They are also specialists in dental and medical clinic design, commercial interior design, hospitality and corporate space design.

Decocer, at the service of manufacturers, large distributors and professionals

Decocer is characterized by its delicate, elegant, exclusive and timeless ceramic pieces, which combine the essence and traditional values of traditional ceramics. Its proposals are full of intensity, color, details, nuances, volumes, shine, textures, reliefs, graphics and unusual shapes. 

The ceramic firm is a strategic partner that designs and manufactures collections tailored to the needs of prestigious manufacturers and distribution chains in Spain and other international countries.  

Decocer is a ceramic company in Spain that starts from the tradition of hand-painted and decorated with several firings to become a modern industry with the flavor of always, which has been able to combine the traditional and most authentic ceramics with the most advanced and contemporary proposals of today. 

It specializes in the design and development of unique small-size pieces, customized to the project and the needs of architecture and interior design professionals, which makes it unique internationally. It also offers a wide range of sizes and unique geometries and finishes. 

Decocer is present internationally in 20 countries around the world and around 75% of its sales are made to international markets. Its main markets are the USA, the UK, Italy, Belgium, Canada, Australia and Spain.  Its mission is to continue growing in these markets by positioning itself as the most exclusive option for small-scale and high-end ceramic products. 

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