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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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Two decades of excellence: Stonepeak’s anniversary unveils investments and transformed branding

[Chicago, January 22, 2024] — Stonepeak, the U.S. operation of the Italian Iris Ceramica Group and a prominent manufacturer of high-tech porcelain and stoneware solutions, proudly announces its 20th-anniversary celebration, marking two decades of excellence in the industry. As part of this milestone, Stonepeak reaffirms its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and excellence through an unprecedented array of strategic investments, from enhancing U.S. operations to redefining its approach to the market, unveiling a captivating logo and enhanced merchandising.

As a testament to Stonepeak’s dedication to pushing boundaries, the company has recently undertaken a significant investment round to propel its U.S. operations to new heights. This comprehensive program encompasses cutting-edge production technologies, quality enhancements, and a multi-phase manufacturing upgrade to the Tennessee plant. The upgrades include a new state-of-the-art polishing line and 12-bar digital printing machines with unmatched capabilities. Remarkably, this marks merely the outset of a larger initiative, with an industry-reformative breakthrough to be revealed later this year.

Beginning 2024, Stonepeak’s approach to the market has undergone a major restructure to enhance its operations, services and products. As part of that effort, the nationwide sales organization has been overhauled and redefined by concentrating the network of highly skilled sales managers in five major regions, in order to better support our loyal clients. Led by Federico Gasperetti, Vice President, Distributor Sales, the sales management and technical support team is now positioned to notably reinforce its distributor relationships “We are confident that we can better address our clients’ needs with this new regional sales approach offering quicker response times, enhanced communication, and a seamless experience from inquiry to delivery,” said Gasperetti.

The heart of the transformation lies in Stonepeak’s transformed logo— a symbol embodying the company’s evolution and its deeply rooted values of sustainability and innovation. The captivating logo reflects a seamless fusion of visionary and artistry, encapsulating Stonepeak’s pivotal role at the forefront of the industry. Subsequent to the logo unveiling, Stonepeak is set to introduce progressive merchandising strategies that align harmoniously with the brand’s revitalized identity.

Hector Narvaez Executive V.P. of Stonepeak commented, “Our passion for our customers and sustainable innovation extends to every aspect of our operations and sets us apart in the industry. These changes and investments are a testament to that dedication and keep raising the bar of quality and reliability of porcelain manufacturers, firmly solidifying Stonepeak’s prominent position as an industry leader, aligning with our core values.”

As Stonepeak celebrates two decades of pioneering excellence, the company looks forward to continuing its legacy of excellence, shaping the future of the industry, and providing customers with unmatched products and experiences.

About Stonepeak Ceramics:
Stonepeak Ceramics, part of the Italian-based company Iris Ceramica Group, has been pioneering porcelain stoneware solutions since its establishment in 2004. It is the leading U.S. manufacturer of high-end ceramics solutions, renowned for its relentless pursuit of innovation, unrivaled quality, and unwavering commitment to exceptional service. With its headquarters in Chicago, IL, and its manufacturing plant in Crossville, Tennessee, Stonepeak Ceramics leads the industry, taking porcelain stoneware to new heights according to the Group’s vision: Re-engineering ceramics to improve the interaction between people and the environment.

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