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Saturday, June 22, 2024

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HomeNewsUpgrade your lifting game with Aardwolf's premium quality forklift boom 

Upgrade your lifting game with Aardwolf’s premium quality forklift boom 

Introducing the Aardwolf Forklift Boom. The perfect solution to enhance your forklift’s lifting capabilities.

  • Made from premium quality Australian rectangular tube steel, this boom ensures unmatched strength, reliability, and safety for all your lifting needs.
  • Designed to complement our patented range of lifting clamps, the Aardwolf Forklift Boom is a telescoping two-section boom that fits 2-tonne and 2.5-tonne forklift trucks, providing versatility and maximum visibility for the operator.
  • What sets the Aardwolf Forklift Boom apart is its unique boom extension feature which prevents accidental over extension and ensures safe operation.
  • Plus, with two bolts located at the back of each fork pocket and restraint pins, this boom can be firmly secured onto the fork blades ensuring maximum stability during lifting operations.

Upgrade your forklift today with the Aardwolf Forklift Boom and experience the efficiency in performance and safety. See how it works. Download Catalogue

If you have questions or require product information, our team is here to help! Contact Aardwolf Customer Support at 
[email protected] or 84 931 707 793

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