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WarmlyYours intros new attachment grid for electric snow melting cables

Lake Zurich, Ill., July 26, 2022—WarmlyYours has introduced a brand new attachment grid for use with electric snow melting cables.

The Snow Melt Embeddable Attachment Grid functions as a framework to attach snow melting cables to when used for heated snow melting systems for projects like outdoor stairs, driveways, walkways, and more. This product can be embedded on top of existing concrete surfaces or under pavers, bluestone, or tile.

The grid has a 1” x 1” square pattern so that snow melting cables can be secured to it with cable ties, which helps not only to maintain proper spacing but also the right depth of the heating elements to ensure optimal performance. This product, which is made of multi-filament polyester yarns, is durable and can be easily cut to shape on the jobsite.

Julia Billen, owner and president of WarmlyYours, said that the onboarding of this grid product came about directly from customer feedback.

“One of the most common questions we would get from both professional installers and DIYers was ‘what do I attach the cables to?’,” said Billen. “That’s a crucial stage for the installation and you can’t use rough frameworks like chicken wire that might damage the cable so we knew we had to find a different solution, which led us to this new grid product.”

The Snow Melt Embeddable Attachment Grid is available in 3’ x 50’ rolls and is compatible with WarmlyYours’s snow melting cables. 

About WarmlyYours
For over 20 years, WarmlyYours Radiant Heating has offered the industry’s most innovative solutions in radiant heating technology, from our flagship floor heating systems and radiant wall panels to snow melting systems, as well as comfort products, including towel warmers, mirror defoggers, shower floor and bench heating, and countertop heaters. With locations in the United States and Canada, WarmlyYours provides unrivaled personalized customer support from start to finish, featuring measuring and design services, 24/7 technical support, and our No Nonsense™ Warranty.

For more information, visit www.WarmlyYours.com.

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