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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

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wedi Extension Panels allow you to customize shower bases to any space

In addition to customizing wedi shower bases by cutting them down and re-creating the 1/2″ channel, wedi also has three pre-sloped extension panels to extend the shower base. If one extension panel isn’t large enough, you can use multiple extension panels to achieve the desired overall shower base size. You can use extension panels on one side of the wedi shower bases or multiple sides. The extension panels are all pre-sloped 1/4″ per foot in one direction. For the perfect fit and slope, consider using miter cuts at the shower base corner where two extension panels may meet.

For the Primo and Riolito neo shower bases, choose the 12″ x 72″ Extension Panel or the 24″ x 48″ Extension Panel. wedi shower bases thicker than 1 – 1/2″ — where an extension is connected –will require a wedi Building Panel to be placed under the extension panel to adjust for a proper fit. If multiple extensions are used, the proper thickness of wedi building panel will need to be installed under the extension to ensure sloped surfaces align properly.

For the Ligno shower base, select the 12″ x 60″ Extension Panel. When adding an extension panel at or near the shower entrance, the overall thickness of the shower floor/base is increased and may require adjustments in the adjacent floor height. For Ligno showers larger than 5 ‘ x 5’, it is also an option to use two Ligno Shower Bases with two drain assemblies with plumbing connections to keep the perimeter height at 3/4″.

Click here to download instructions and see how easy it is to install wedi Extension Panels. For any additional questions you may have, reach out to your local Technical Support Sales Manager.

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