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1988-2018: CAESAR TURNS 30

Technology, culture of material, aesthetic value, innovation: Ceramiche Caesar looks towards 2018 with all the experience acquired during 30 years dedicated to the development of the best quality porcelain stoneware.


Fiorano Modenese, January 2018. It was 1988 when Gruppo Concorde — thanks to its steadfast confidence in the quality of porcelain stoneware, which in those days represented only 3% of Italian ceramics — invested in the establishment of a new dedicated company and equipped it with cutting-edge systems. This new company was called Ceramiche Caesar.

It is 2018 and, since then, Caesar has grown and created a strong identity based on the many solutions that porcelain stoneware can offer both to the Italian and international markets. From the branch in the United States established in 1997 to the single brand showrooms, Urban Lab and Espace Design, respectively in London and in Paris, as well as the recent extension of headquarters and adjacent company showroom, the company has made its style well known and has promptly responded to the ever-changing trends and requirements of the building trade.

Extra large sizes, latest generating decorating techniques, contract project systems, systems for raised floors, as well as the Aextra20 project with an extra thickness for outdoor installation and Aquae Wellness for swimming pools and wellness centres: over the years, these solutions have allowed Caesar to offer a complete range and to become a reference for both indoor and outdoor architecture.

This has been made possible because Caesar truly believes in the quality of its products, the value of which is strengthened by means of the most important international environmental certifications.

Caesar welcomes 2018 as an important occasion to thank all those who have supported the company and have contributed to obtaining the results it has currently achieved, aware that this is only the beginning.

For more information on Caesar visit the www.caesar.it website




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