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Monthly Archives: September, 2020

Should you soak encaustic tile?

QUESTION I am a member and need a few questions answered about an encaustic cement tile installation. I only have about 35 sq. ft. installed,...

Stunning grotto project combines custom glass and ceramic mosaic with high-level installation expertise

Heritage Marble & Tile, Inc., wins CID Award for Residential Tile Installation This Corte Madera Pool Grotto project grabbed the Coverings Installation & Design (CID)...

The butterfly effect: Monarch migration mural by ALMA Summer Institute transforms convention center

Young apprentices create and install colorful handmade mosaics that inspire, celebrate and honor Back in 2015, TileLetter covered the Albuquerque ALMA (Apprenticeships for Leaders in...

NTCA brings training to you with virtual workshops and roundtables

New NTCA VIP Text Messaging Program keeps you in the loop for upcoming training events Here we are, in September, and no doubt you are...

Working with face and mesh mount sheet mosaics

It is not breaking news that tiles are made in all colors and shapes and sizes and thicknesses and materials. They each have their...
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