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Saturday, May 18, 2024

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Antolini unveils Quartzite Nera

Characterized by a vibrant black color from which shades of white emerge, both delicate and powerful at the same time, Quartzite Nera fits perfectly into the most daring and visionary designs as well as the most classic and essential ones. This splendid natural stone has the expressive power of a unique nuance, capable of enhancing any environment and giving the design a sense of all-embracing harmony.

Highly versatile, Quartzite Nera from Antolini expresses charm and personality whether standing alone with a central role in the design or in combination with other materials, to which it brings elegance and prestige. Physical, stylish, and inspiring – in the luxury design field – Quartzite Nera never fails to catch the attention of others and suggest to them the most striking emotions.

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