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Monday, April 15, 2024

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Arizona Tile celebrates 30 Years serving Prescott, AZ, and the surrounding communities

Arizona Tile is proud to be celebrating 30 years serving Prescott this month. A lot has changed over the years, including us!

In business since 1986, what is now Arizona Tile began under the ownership of Prescott residents Joe and Christine Heffelfinger as Yavapai Tile. Christine had previously worked for Arizona Tile in the Phoenix Valley and they decided to re-join the Arizona Tile brand in February 1994. The paperwork was finalized by Matt Huarte and CFO Gary Skarsten that month and the beginning of Arizona Tile in Prescott had begun.

Prescott Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Christine stayed on as the Branch Manager, and with her leadership, Arizona Tile outgrew the warehouse and showroom located at 550 N. 6th Street. In April 2004, Arizona Tile proudly opened its new showroom and warehouse in the greater Prescott area at 625 Holiday Drive.

The year is now 2024 – Christine is currently a Regional Operations Manager for Arizona Tile and the population of the metropolitan area of Prescott has increased by 40% – from 52,000 to almost 130,000. Paul Molyneux is now the Branch Manager. Having started in the warehouse in 2002, then moving his way up to his current role in 2006. Given how long Paul has been with the company and has lived in the Prescott area, he was able to provide some insight on what’s changed over the years.

Arizona Tile Prescott Showroom Interior

What are some of the changes that you have seen, both in the area and in the store? Of course, the obvious answer is that there are more homes, businesses and people. And with that comes less open space and wildlife. However, with the growth comes more choices and variety in stores, as well as restaurants.

What has stayed the same? Even though Prescott has grown, we are still a small town. With the average person staying in a single home for 13 years, we often see repeat customers that we have assisted with multiple homes over the 30 years. We have a lot of staff longevity here – it is always a good feeling when someone comes in 10 plus years later and they remember you, and you them.

Arizona Tile Prescott Slab Warehouse

Do you have a memorable moment that has stayed with you since you’ve been here? That would have to be when we moved from our humble little location tucked away on 6th Street near Granite Creek Park to our current huge-to-us location with a full slab yard in 2004.

What types of materials do best in this market? Has that changed over the past 30 years? Our store and its offerings have changed with the times – from the style of the nineties with cherry wood cabinets and mauve tiles, to sleek and modern. No more granite tile counters and Saltillo tile, now it’s quartz counters and large format modern tile.

Arizona Tile Prescott Team

What would you like everyone to know about your select group of employees? Arizona Tile has a reputation of retaining employees for many years and Prescott is no exception. 57% of our staff has been with us over 5 years and 43% of them for 10+ Years. Our branch is more like a family, so many of us are diverse in different job titles so we can cover for one another and don’t skip a beat.

What about Arizona Tile as a company makes us unique in Prescott? We have the largest selection of stone slabs in the Prescott area and are proud to be providing great customer service and products to the construction and design community – now, and for many years to come.

About Arizona Tile
Founded in 1977 in San Diego, California, Arizona Tile has grown into a nationally recognized commercial and residential distributor in 10 Western states. Arizona Tile distributes more than 300 varieties of granite, marble, quartzite, limestone and travertine slabs and tile, over 60 colors of Della Terra® Quartz, and over 60 series of porcelain, ceramic and glass tile. Founded by John Huarte, former NFL player and Heisman Trophy winner, the company is still family-owned after more than 45 years.

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