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Monday, April 15, 2024

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Reimagine Travertine with the Cordova Porcelain Collection

Embark on a visual journey with the Cordova Collection, leading a revolution in style by seamlessly blending cutting-edge graphics and 3D structures. This collection isn’t just tiles; it’s a captivating masterpiece that invites you to touch and marvel. Imagine a contemporary twist on the elegance of travertine, brought to life through advanced 3D Ink technology, revealing hidden mineral fragments beneath the surface for a refined stone effect.

The Cordova Collection effortlessly coordinates your indoor and outdoor spaces, boasting light-colored porcelain tiles for interiors and matching pavers and pool copings for outdoor allure. With various sizes available, Cordova transcends design norms, offering a perfect fusion of beauty and functionality. Each piece is a choreography of glossy and matte effects, playing with light and shadow to create a nuanced shading that elevates your space. Cordova is available in large 24 x 48 elegant Avorio and LaBlanca.

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