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Artaic Introduces two new Quick-ship color palettes: Sage and Coastal

Color Palettes for Custom Mosaics with 4-8 Week Lead Times
Boston, MA — April 2023Artaic, a leading mosaic manufacturer that utilizes robotic technology and innovative design tools to customize, design, and fabricate award-winning mosaic installations, is excited to announce the launch of two new color palettes that offer quick lead times: Sage and Coastal. These two new color palettes are available in Vitreous Glass and provide an inspiring foundation for the creation of tile mosaics, with the added benefit of 4-8 week turnaround time for custom designs or a 2-4 week turnaround for solids and blends.

“I split the color direction for our new palettes into three different ‘groupings’ – Grounded, Airy, and Rich,” says Kait Paradowski, Design Director at Artaic. “Sage and Coastal are two of the results of this process, falling under the ‘Airy’ and ‘Grounded’ categories, respectively. These palettes were designed with these themes in mind. By creating these palettes, we’re hoping to give our customers even more options to express their individual styles and personalities.”

The stunning Sage colorway is designed to evoke feelings of comfort, peace, harmony, and ethereal beauty. Inspired by nature, Sage is a perfect representation of the natural world, making it an ideal choice for bringing a touch of nature into any home or commercial space. Sage’s neutral color palette compliments a wide range of colors and aesthetics, making it versatile for tonal designs and adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to any project. The Sage color palette includes a range of shades that vary in intensity, from soft and subtle to bold and dramatic, allowing for custom mosaic designs that perfectly match the client’s design vision.

Coastal is a colorway designed to emulate feelings of tranquility, calmness, and well-being. Inspired by the misty mornings of a coastal town, Coastal’s palette is perfect for creating a relaxing and peaceful space. The color palette features subtle hues that create an understated “lived-in” feeling, providing warmth and comfort to any room. The mix of warm and cool neutrals is a contemporary trend embraced by designers and homeowners alike, making Coastal a perfect representation of this style.

Artaic offers endless possibilities for creating unique mosaics tailored to individual design preferences, including the newly released colorways Sage and Coastal. Customers can use the palettes as inspiration, reference their own artistic ideas, or select from Artaic’s award-winning design collections, such as Lasting Rugs and Flourish. With Artaic’s proprietary precision technology, each project is produced with the exact amount of tile needed, resulting in significantly less waste and greater design flexibility. Inventory for fast-lead collections is located on-site in Boston for efficient domestic production. Quick-ship solids or blends in individual colors are also available in just 2-4 weeks, allowing for even faster turnaround times on custom projects.

The brand continues to create award-winning mosaics that can be found around the globe, enhancing the design of spaces large and small. To learn more about Artaic, please visit www.artaic.com

Artaic uses robotic technology and innovative design tools to customize, design and fabricate award-winning mosaics for private and multi-family residences, public art installations, commercial properties, and corporate standard programs, as well as hospitality, healthcare and education environments. Artaic’s proprietary Tylist™ software enables its in-house design team to customize mosaics from any source of inspiration – whether it be a drawing, photograph, logo, or idea. Artaic also offers a catalog of preconceived design collections, such as Lasting Rugs, GLYPH, Verge, and Quad, that can be customized to fit projects of any scale and made unique by an expansive material and color palette. Artaic also develops smart tile programs for their customers’ field tile needs, leveraging their unparalleled product selection of vitreous glass, sintered glass, and glazed porcelain. The Boston-based company’s tailored approach and unique manufacturing process increases design flexibility while decreasing lead time and cost, making it a go-to resource for architects, interior designers, and artists across the globe. 

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