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Bosch unveils new line of BLAZE Laser Measures

MOUNT PROSPECT, Ill. (Apr. 27, 2021)–Bosch Power Tools, a global leader for power tools and power tool accessories, today announced the release of the newest generation of its BLAZE™Laser Measures, equipped with 11 different measuring functions and a range up to 65 feet. Built for complete durability with full, rubber-overmold housings protecting every impact point and IP65 ratings, this second generation of BLAZE laser measures is made to withstand tough conditions in applications from HVAC, concrete masonry, woodworking and more.

BLAZE brings dual power source to laser measure world -these tools are powered by two standard AA batteries or the GLM-BAT (Lithium Ion battery pack) extended runtime.

This new generation of Bosch BLAZE Laser Measures has 11 new measuring functions for up to 65 feet.

“Now with upgraded measuring functions like the tape measure and big number mode for greater visibility and improved tool settings for easy use, we are happy to introduce the newest generation of BLAZE Laser measures,” said Ricardo Pedroso,Product Manager for Bosch Power Tools. “The line is intentionally built with end users in mind and designed to withstand virtually any job in any application and offers a significant benefit with its dual power source capabilities.”

In addition to improved durability, the second generation of laser measures offers a wide variety of enhanced features based on user feedback. Now with tape measure mode,the line offers a live measurement displayed in a traditional, visual way for users accustomed with using traditional tape measures.The laser measures also feature big numbers mode, displaying large figures for fast and easy readability with a focus on only the essential information and fading out everything else on the display.

For added ease of use, the laser measures include a state of the art user interface with advanced HMI and higher contrast to improve visibility in all environments. The easy-to-read backlit color display illuminates numbers with distinct resolution, for work in low-light or no-light conditions.Models GLM165-25G, GLM165-27CG, and GLM165-27CGL also come equipped with green-beam laser technology which generates a dot that is up to 4 times brighter than the standard red beams. Additionally, all BLAZE Laser Measure models come with a belt clip providing convenience to carry and easy access.

New tool settings include a haptic feedback feature offering confirmation of successful or failed measurements, battery save mode which reduces the brightness and deactivates audio and haptic feedback for more runtime, and a delete memory option to clear all memory slots in a single operation. The animation function creates intuitive graphics for easy understanding on how the measuring function is used and the store usage data function allows users to continue at the point where they left off even if the tool is switched off. Additional new tool settings include brightness adjustment, language options, tool info, factory reset and a help setting.

BLAZE Laser Measures are equipped for dual compatibility with alkaline or lithium-ion batteries providing more flexibility to the user. The BLAZE GLM165-27CGL model includes Bosch’s GLM-BAT 3.7V Lithium-Ion Battery, a second power source which greatly increases the operation time of the BLAZE Gen 2 family by nearly 67% and improves performance in cold weather when compared to standard AA batteries. Due to the advanced charging circuit, the user is even able to charge and operate the BLAZE™ Gen 2 Family at the same time. The GLM-BAT 3.7V battery needs only 15 minutes of charge time for 30 minutes of tool operation.

For more information on the second generation of BLAZE Laser Measures,visit boschtools.com.

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