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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

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Daltile launches new Stencil Collection

Dallas, TX – September 21, 2022 – Daltile is currently launching its new Stencil collection of 4×12 glazed porcelain tile that offers contemporary colors in either uniquely textured or smooth surfaces.

“Stencil adds a pop of color and texture to your space,” said Laura Grilli, director of product design for Dal-Tile LLC.  “With a very versatile color palette, Stencil can deliver the neutral ambience of white, beige and grey, or bring fun to your space through rich colors of mint, indigo, blush, and berry.”

The textures of Stencil add to the overall sensory experience through flat, textured linear, or half-moon surfaces.  The half-moon tile features a raised convex surface with semicircles on each end.  This adds interest and also geometry, forming a circle at the meeting point of the two tiles when installed end-to-end. 

All three structures can be used for wall applications; the flat structure can also be installed in floor applications.  Suitable for residential and light commercial use.

“Our new Stencil collection fits into two of today’s most popular interior design trends,” said Grilli.  “The colors are all nature-inspired, so they can nicely fit into the Restorative Nature trend that is popular right now in interior design; this trend stresses the need for restoration of mind, body, and spirit and encourages styling a space to feel soothing.  Rounded and circular shapes are perceived as being safe, so the forms added by Stencil’s half-moon tiles help create a comforting, cocooning design.  On the other hand, the rich color saturation of the mint, indigo, blush, and berry makes Stencil a perfect design tool for expressing uniqueness, vibrancy, and personality — all hallmarks of another popular interior design trend, Self-Expressionism.”

About Daltile
Daltile is the industry-leading brand of ceramic, porcelain, glass, metal, and stone tile as well as mosaics, extra-large slabs, countertops, exteriors, and roofing tile.  Daltile products are distributed through over 250 company-owned sales service centers, stone slab yards, and design studios that service a robust network of trade customers.  Daltile products are also sold through independent flooring retailers.  Dedicated to innovative product development and distinguished style, Daltile provides a rich palette of quality products created to inspire residential and commercial designs. For more information, visit daltile.com and follow Daltile on Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedInFacebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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