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Oatey introduces Hercules for Body Wipes

Made specifically for contractors, Hercules for Body wipes are great for cleaning up between jobs or after work, outdoor activities and more.

CLEVELAND, September 20, 2022 — Oatey Co., a leading manufacturer in the plumbing industry since 1916, today announced the release of Hercules For BodyTM, body wipes that are hard on grime and odor rather than skin and require no water or rinsing.

Hercules For BodyTM is formulated specifically for contractors and job-site conditions and is effective at removing a range of dirt, grease, oil and other residue that contractors routinely come into contact with. The wipes can also be used to clean those same substances off most tools and jobsite equipment. Plus, the wipes are perfect for cleaning up after outdoor activities, yardwork or anytime you need to cool down and wipe away the day.

Hercules for Body’s fragrance-free formula washes away grime and odor without leaving residue. Including Aloe and Vitamin E to soothe and condition skin, Hercules For BodyTM are tough, large-size cloths that clean without tearing. The new easy-to-grab, 8 x 10 in. cloths cover more skin, which means contractors need fewer towels to get clean.

Contractors can purchase Hercules For BodyTM at their local supply house to clean up before heading home from the job. Available in two package quantities:

  • 80 towels per pack; a convenient snap-close top ensures the towels don’t dry out or get dirty.
  • 30 towels per pack, which can be shopped from a counter display.

Visit Oatey.com or cherneind.com a to learn more about Hercules For Body™.

Since 1916, Oatey has provided reliable, high-quality products for the residential and commercial plumbing industries, with a commitment to delivering quality, building trust and improving lives. Today, Oatey operates a comprehensive manufacturing and distribution network to supply thousands of products for professional builders, contractors, engineers and do-it-yourself consumers around the world.

Oatey is based in Cleveland, Ohio, and has locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico and China. For more information, visit www.oatey.com, call (800) 321-9532 or follow Oatey on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.

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