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Diamondback Toolbelts breaks new ground in the building industry by making their products smart

Stockholm, Sweden [NOV 14, 2022] – The fast-growing ingredient-company Twiceme Technology is today announcing a new partnership with the American building brand Diamondback Toolbelts, a brand known for its innovative and high-quality products with a design focus on ergonomics. The two brands will work together to offer the next level of smart building products in Diamondback’s next line of equipment.

twICEme is an integrated technology that allows users to store personal safety information in their equipment. Data such as allergies, previous injuries, emergency contacts, product information and more can all be uploaded to the user’s profile via the twICEme app. One feature that particularly appeals to the construction segment is the ability to enter product information, making it possible to inspect that the product hasn’t expired. In a situation where the user is injured or unresponsive, the first person on the scene can access their profile by simply tapping the twICEme symbol displayed on the equipment with a smartphone. Access to this safety information will give first responders a clear, efficient way to make decisions in the case of an emergency where time is often most critical, but can also be helpful to co-workers in the event that something happens to their colleague.

The decision to collaborate is a demonstration of the decades of innovation that Diamondback has brought to the construction market, with the building trade as its main primary market. By integrating a smart element into products that are accessible to all building enthusiasts, Diamondback is taking the construction market to the next level, offering a glimpse of what the future has to offer.

“Diamondback is thrilled to bring twICEme technology to our line of premium products for the trades industry. Our commitment to elevating the lives of tradespeople is a cornerstone of our company philosophy. twICEme has a business philosophy that aligns with Diamondback’s core values. We see the integration of twICEme’s cutting-edge, smart safety technology as a logical next step in enhancing the overall well-being of our customers”, says Connor Crook, CEO at Diamondback.

“The partnership with Diamondback marks another important step in the journey towards making equipment smart with the aim of making people safer on the American construction market. The partnership will not only mark the further development of twICEme as a global symbol for smart safety but Diamondback will break new ground in the industry by being the first in several new product categories.”

Twiceme Technology is a Swedish safe-tech company aiming to make people safer by making equipment smart. By giving users the tools to take the correct actions, faster, twICEme aims to create a global symbol for smart safety in work environments. twICEme is a technology, established in 2017, based on an idea from ex-militaries. It has since been developed in close collaboration with professional rescue teams.

Diamondback is taking tradegear to the next level. We design and manufacture innovative, ergonomic products for the trade industry. Our relentless support of high quality manufacturing has earned us a loyal and growing customer base, and we are proud to continue to support and contribute to the trades. Diamondback is headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia with a distributed team throughout the United States.

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