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Essential Answers to your HardieBacker Questions: Shower Wall & Floor Installation

Protection Against Moisture

To help make sure your next bathroom tiling project goes smoothly and you get the lasting results you are looking for, we want to share with you why it is important to use a water-resistant backer board.

I do a lot of tile jobs for shower walls and floors.

Why is a water resistant board critical?

Tile installation materials like grout and thin-set are not moisture resistant, so water can get through these layers and reach the backer board as well as possibly reach the wood elements of the underlying wall or floor. Therefore, it is critical that backer board be both resistant to water damage and serve as a water-resistant barrier to help protect both the tile installation and underlying structure against damage from moisture.
With HardieBacker’s water-resistant cement formulation, it can maintain its structural integrity despite water penetration. This helps protect your tile on the wall or floor as well as helps to safeguard the structural elements of the wall or floor that typically do not have water resistant-properties (e.g. studs, plywood, OSB).
For more details on how to install HardieBacker, check out their installation videos:
For more info, visit the official FAQ page on our website to learn more.
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