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Saturday, April 20, 2024

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Floorcloud and Consolidated Flooring announce partnership

BOSTON, MA – Floorcloud™ and Consolidated Flooring announced their partnership to bring the New York and Chicago market areas a powerful new technology platform to enhance the level of jobsite quality control occurring on many of the largest commercial construction projects in each region. A Starnet member, and one of the nation’s leading commercial flooring contractors for almost 80 years, Consolidated Flooring prides itself on delivering projects with exceptional quality, on time and within budget using the latest flooring innovations.

Floorcloud is an innovative new software platform that uses jobsite conditions sensors and a proprietary manufacturer’s specification database to enable flooring contractors to monitor (24/7/365) and communicate the real-time environmental and site conditions they encounter with general contractors and building owners. Floorcloud was custom built for the flooring contractor by a team on industry veterans and was trialed and launched this summer with input from more than 40 contractors across the United States.

David Meberg, CEO of Consolidated Flooring and Co-Chairman of INSTALL’s Board of Directors stated, “Floorcloud’s innovative platform will enable Consolidated Flooring to monitor and share detailed information with our clients in real-time. We are now able to detect and resolve issues as they occur to help mitigate overall project risk.”

“We are delighted to have Consolidated Flooring join our community of commercial flooring contractor subscribers. As we continue to integrate with other technology partners and enhance our user experience, it is the input from world class organizations like Consolidated Flooring that will continue to make Floorcloud™ the powerful technology platform it is today,” commented Patrick Mullins, Co- Founder and Executive Vice President, Floorcloud.

Floorcloud sensors monitor ambient temperature, humidity, dewpoint and track GPS location. Additional capabilities coming soon include the reading of light, vibration and altitude, measurements yet to be captured systematically on today’s flooring jobsites. “Integrations with Wagner Meters, Spec- Intel and Procore will be available by year’s end, providing clients the ultimate in efficiency through advancements in technology, further establishing Floorcloud as a remarkable solution to mitigate project risk”, commented Scott Banda, Co-Founder and President of Floorcloud. As Floorcloud becomes more popular nationally, it is expected to save the industry hundreds of millions of dollars of costs associated with rework, project delays and claims.

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