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Sunday, June 23, 2024

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Guiding consumers to access the NTCA Consumer Education Resources


Help please! Is it true that using Hardibacker board – as opposed to lath and concrete – costs the same? Is one better than the other?


I am not able to comment on the cost of labor and materials for a tile installation because that may vary by location and the contractor you hire. Generally speaking, a highly-qualified professional tile contractor with the knowledge, skills, experience, resume, certifications and qualifications that is well connected to the tile industry through their professional association (NTCA) and continuously improves themselves and their business through training and professional development may likely be more expensive than a less-involved contractor or installer.

The NTCA publishes resources developed by its Consumer Education Committee to guide consumers to the best tile installation experience. Find out more at https://www. tile-assn.com/page/trade-professionals-consumers.

There are many methods and systems using a variety of materials available to create beautiful tile installations that will be long-lasting and enhance your structure and life. The key is to interview and select an installation contractor with the abilities I listed.

An adage says: “There is always time and money to do a project the second time.” I don’t want you to fall into that situation. Please read through the brochures NTCA has developed to help you locate the right type of contractor that can provide you with solid information and proven ability to create an excellent installation for you. You will want a contractor who owns, understands and utilizes tile industry standards, methods, best practices and manufacturer instructions to guide the

It is a wise choice to hire an NTCA Member Contractor who has our technical team to support them with any questions they have. Please search for an NTCA Member Contractor here: https://tinyurl.com/NTCAmembersearch. When you interview them, let them know we spoke. 

– Mark Heinlein
NTCA Training Director

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