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Sunday, June 9, 2024

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Heat your floor without wasting energy with HOTTROK!

Looking to install a heated floor with electric radiant heat? Current methods and products used to install electric radiant heat are inefficient which leads to lost energy and money wasted for decades. Enter HOTTROK: With an R-value of 1.14, it is the only product that can offer efficient, evenly heated floors and save energy.

With its amazing insulating properties, a tiled floor with HOTTROK heats up 1 degree every 4 minutes versus the uncoupling membrane that takes 10 minutes per degree.* In addition, once your floor reaches the desired floor temperature you will use less kw/hr are needed to maintain the desired temperature.

Recent thermal modeling results confirmed that heat loss is significant when using uncoupling membranes for installing heat over a concrete substrate. HOTTROK provides a significant thermal break to help eliminate this problem; it keeps the heat moving upward into the room. The result is efficient, predictable, even heat without cold spots — regardless of the substrate.

HOTTROK has installation benefits as well! It is “board-like” so it maintains its shape, lays flat, and is super easy to cut and install. With its 3” on center grid pattern, it is now easy to
configure your wire layout and provides a predictable flat surface for tile. HOTTROK has
received an extra heavy commercial rating from the TCNA.** But don’t just take our word for it: at one of our recent installs, the contractor literally said, “HOTTROK was the easiest part of the job!”

With attributes like energy and cost savings, time savings, predictability, insulating and more, there is a benefit for everyone in the chain: architects, builders, installers, and homeowners.HOTTROK is made in the USA and is the product you will want for your next job.

  • Tested with 5/16” ceramic tile.
    **Tested with 5/16” ceramic tile.


HOTTROK LLCs mission is to provide products that advance the efficiency and

awareness of the radiant heat industry.

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