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Iconic American Tool Brands Pony, Jorgensen & Goldblatt to be Relaunched to the North American Market Under the Leadership of Arrow Fastener

As part of Hangzhou GreatStar Industrial Company, Arrow Fastener proudly announces the relaunch of the Pony and Jorgensen adjustable clamping brands and Goldblatt tile, drywall, concrete and masonry tools to the North American marketplace in mid-2018.

GreatStar, based in Hangzhou, China, is one of the largest hand tool manufacturers in Asia, specializing in designing and manufacturing high-quality products for DIY, professional and industrial markets globally.  Arrow Fastener, based in Saddle Brook, N.J., is the leading manufacturer of staple guns and heavy duty staples in North America.

Arrow’s sales, marketing and distribution teams have a proven track record in the hardware industry which will be harnessed to support and grow these three widely-known brands.  Arrow’s strategically located New Jersey facility will become a primary distribution center for Pony, Jorgensen and Goldblatt products, in addition to Arrow’s own expansive current product line.

“As a respected American tool brand, Arrow products are ‘must-have’ items for many retailers in North America and elsewhere.  Given Arrow’s sales and marketing capabilities, combined with GreatStar’s manufacturing expertise and innovation pipeline,  we are well positioned to deliver high-quality, innovative products under all these iconic American brands: Arrow, Pony, Jorgensen and Goldblatt,” said Arrow President Gary DuBoff.

Case-in-point: Over the past 18 months, GreatStar has been recreating the Pony and Jorgensen products at their state-of-the-art manufacturing centers in China. Of the original 500 skus, GreatStar is recreating the 200 top sellers. These are the products which will support the reintroduction of the brands.

“GreatStar has taken great care to recreate the tools as faithfully to the originals as possible and has executed on a firm commitment to make the new tools at least as good, but preferably better, than the original U.S. made product,” said DuBoff.

Arrow is currently in the process of stocking the Saddle Brook, N.J. warehouse with Pony, Jorgensen and Goldblatt inventory to feed the growing business. The company expects the warehouse to be fully stocked and operational by July 2018.


Arrow Fastener Co., LLC

Arrow Fastener Company, LLC is a U.S. based manufacturer of staple guns, glue guns, and rivet tools located in Saddle Brook, N.J. Since 1929, Arrow has been a leader in fastening solutions in the big box home improvement and traditional hardware retail channels. For more than five decades, the T50® staple gun has been the industry standard, as the world’s best-selling staple gun. Today, Arrow Fastener is a trusted supplier of reliable, innovative and affordable products for the building trade professional and do-it-yourselfer. In July, 2017 Arrow was acquired by Hangzhou GreatStar Industrial Company, a $2.2B Chinese manufacturer of forklifts, hand and power tools, robotics systems, and laser measuring devices. Arrow now serves as GreatStar’s U.S. headquarters for sales, marketing, and distribution of GreatStar’s branded tool product portfolio. For more information, visit www.arrowfastener.com.

Pony and Jorgensen

Since 1903, both the Pony and Jorgensen brands have been well known US clamp brands owned and managed by the Adjustable Clamp Company in Chicago. The products are used by a wide array of woodworkers, cabinet makers, carpenters, and serious DIY enthusiasts. Some items, such as the Jorgensen handscrews and the Pony pipe clamps are iconic hand tools with wide recognition. A standard pipe clamp, for example, is commonly referred to as a “Pony Clamp” among woodworkers and tradesmen regardless of what brand is on the product. In May, 2016, the Adjustable Clamp Company ceased operations and all business assets were acquired by GreatStar.


Started by Henry Goldblatt in Kansas City in 1885, Goldblatt was at one time a strong and vibrant US based hand tool brand best known for its line of US made masonry trowels and concrete floats. As America grew through the first half of the twentieth century, the company grew with it, expanding its product line to include drywall tools, tile installation tools and painting tools. A series of ownership changes beginning in the 1960s took the company away from family ownership. The business then changed hands through several private equity owners before being purchased by GreatStar in 2010.

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