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Infinity Drain® defines leading bathroom trends of 2022

Amityville, NY, November 2021 – Infinity Drain – the manufacturer at the forefront of architectural and decorative drains – announces key design concepts, finish options, color schemes, decorative details and more that will pave the way for 2022 bathroom design.

Infinity Drain, Wedge Wire Linear Drain, Satin Bronze

The Golden Age

Gold and Bronze are the new “it” colors making waves among bathroom furnishings in 2022. As gold-hued finishes become readily available for lighting, plumbing and decorative accessories, this shimmering color range is quickly becoming the coating scheme of choice.

The warm and welcoming palette sets the scene for a relaxing and restful setting in the bathroom. Infinity Drain invites additional comfort into the shower with linear and center drains available in Satin Bronze and Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Nature’s Roots

Keeping pace with upcoming chromatic trends is a composition reflective of raw and organic pigments. From deep ocher tints of brown and amber, to muted beiges and grays and even rich terracottas and hunter greens, integrating shades of nature in the bathroom further deepens the human connection to surrounding landscapes. The rise of earth tones is expanding beyond paint selection and can be expressed not only through the color of the wall, but floor tiles, cabinetry, bath towels, decor and more.

Infinity Drain, Universal Linear Drain, Polished Stainless
Infinity Drain, Wedge Wire Linear Drain, Satin Stainless

Material Madness

2022’s breakthrough trend takes its cue from surface material selection. Whether you opt for ceramic tile, large cement or stone slabs or wood paneling the “all-in-one” look will be heating up bathrooms in the coming year. Floor-to-ceiling surface continuity establishes a clean and contemporary aesthetic, visually expands a room and is favored by lovers of the minimalistic movement. 

By installing waterproof surfaces and a properly placed floor drain, this complete style concept will strengthen wet room design and enhance bathroom disinfection and hygiene.

Infinity Drain in The Armoniosa Estate

Eco-Friendly Environments

Sustainability has become a hot topic in recent years. When it comes to architectural and interior building supplies, sourcing recyclable goods not only improves residential carbon footprints, but enhances the durability and longevity of a home.

“We are committed to sourcing honest and green materials, that’s why we use U.S. stainless steel, a product that is 90% recycled, for all of our manufacturing,” says Jonathan Brill, President of Infinity Drain. “By installing Infinity Drain center and linear drains in your bathroom and shower, you’re joining the pledge to integrate reliable resources in your home as well as build environmentally friendly environments.”

All-In-One Showers

Infinity Drain in Bridge House L.A.

The two-in-one shower and bath concept is receiving a much-needed modern makeover. What was once a tight space confined to tub-sized dimensions has now become an expansive “wet area” defined by a glass enclosure or partition. 

Similar to a wet room, precise center or linear drain placement flush against the wall and wall-to-wall is needed to ensure proper water management. However, this designated bathing space is separated from dry areas of the bathroom for convenience. It becomes the perfect solution for those who enjoy multi-functional use of their bathroom and confining water to one side of the room.

Infinity Drain, Wedge Wire Center Drain in Satin Stainless

Revisiting to Mid-Century Shapes

The beloved round edges and smooth curves of vintage furniture and decor have reemerged. As one of the most common shapes found in the home, circular details such as arched mirrors, cylindrical sinks and beveled baths will soften the boxy look that can often overwhelm bathroom layouts. The shower primarily features sharp lines and severe angles that can leave a rectangular impression. To relax this quadratic appearance can be further relaxed by adding a round center drain or Circle grate style linear drain from Infinity Drain.

About Infinity Drain

For over a decade, Infinity Drain has established itself as a leader in design-centric architectural shower drains with a reputation of unsurpassed quality.  From hand polishing decorative grates to custom fabrication – all at the exacting specifications of customers, Infinity Drain offers the broadest selection of decorative choices and installation options. Its award-winning designs and innovations, including the Site Sizable® linear drain, continue to shape barrier-free bathroom design. Infinity Drain is revolutionizing bathroom installation with its completely waterproof Stainless Steel Shower Base backed with an original owner lifetime guarantee. Infinity Drain products are proudly fabricated in Long Island, NY, USA. For additional information, visit infinitydrain.com.

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