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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

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Larson Electronics offer a variety of handlamps

Larson Electronics Handlamps

When working in hazardous or industrial locations, you need lighting for tight spaces. If you are working in a tunnel, tanks, or interior location, industrial handlamps provides optimum lighting for areas that need concentration.

At Larson Electronics, we offer a variety of handlamps that work in wet, hazardous and industrial locations. These lights come in several styles: fluorescent, incandescent or LED. We offer a wide array of voltage and cord combinations to suit any need. The explosion proof drop lights are rugged and durable to withstand falls, bumps and bruises of demanding hazardous locations. Our string and vapor proof lights can be suspended by the top hooks or used as a handheld task lighting to work in tank cleaning, marine areas, constructions sites, warehouses, refineries, and any demanding application.

We offer the best product on the market. Let our sales team assist you in finding the best solution.

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