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LATICRETE SUPERCAP SC650-MC: Pumpable, Self-Leveling Underlayment Flattens Floors; Can Be Polished

July 9, 2019, Bethany, Conn. — LATICRETE has introduced SUPERCAPⓇ SC650-MC, a fine-sanded, pumpable and pourable, low alkali cement-based, premium self-leveling topping that is suitable as a high-strength wear surface or underlayment. SC650-MC is the first high-volume self-leveling underlayment of its kind that flattens floors all while producing durable and low-maintenance finished wear surfaces for an all-in-one solution. SC650-MC is ideal for education, healthcare, retail (big-box), hospitality, corporate and government applications that need a fast turnaround time, and is a component of the SUPERCAP Ready-Mix Delivery Service, the industry’s preferred method of specifying and installing self-leveling underlayment in commercial construction.

SUPERCAP polished floor
SUPERCAP SC650-MC installation

“Whether customers desire an aesthetically pleasing finished concrete floor or are seeking a flat floor that can be topped with a wide range of flooring materials, SC650-MC can get the job done,” said Elvis Torres, LATICRETE Product Manager – Concrete Remediation. “SC650-MC is capable of transforming rough concrete to a flat, smooth surface that’s walkable in just two to four hours and polishable in 24 hours. Installers can also apply finished flooring goods as soon as one day after the initial application. This system is fast and will guarantee high-quality results.”

For those that choose to use SC650-MC as an all-in-one self-leveling and finished flooring solution, the product produces a coarse salt and pepper look that can be left as is or tinted with L&M™ VIVID DYE™, which comes in 22 standard vibrant colors, with custom colors available upon request.

“For those that choose to use SC650-MC as a floor leveling solution where a floor covering will be installed, most floor covering adhesives that are suitable for concrete can be used with this product. Either route, SC650-MC is inorganic, so it will not contribute to or harbor the growth of mold or mildew,” added Torres.

Suitable substrates include concrete, wood, ceramic tile and stone, cement mortar beds, SUPERCAP SC500, SC500-PLUS, SC500-LW and SUPERCAP Moisture Vapor Control.

SC650-MC is available in a 2,500 pound (5,000 kilogram) bulk super sack that is designed to pump through the SUPERCAP Mobile Blending Unit for large projects or can be ordered in 50 pound (22.7 kilogram) bags.


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