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Marazzi’s Three New Stunning Wall Tiles Exemplify Today’s Hottest Trends


Dallas, TX – July 1, 2019 – Marazzi, a style leader in tile, is currently launching three stunning new wall tile options into its best-selling Classentino Marble collection.  The existing Classentino Marble collection offers the elegant, realistic look of marble in a porcelain floor tile format, providing style, durability, and easy maintenance.  To heighten the design possibilities available to architects, designers, and homeowners, Marazzi is now also offering the three most popular Classentino Marble floor colors in coordinating wall tile formats.  These wall tiles, Palazzo White, Corinth Beige, and Coliseum Gray, come in oversized 8×24 rectangles in three different textures, flat, raked, or bold for use in residential and commercial settings.

white wall and floor tile
Marazzi’s Classentino floor tile now has a coordinating wall offering

“Our new Classentino Marble wall tile joins its complementary floor tile in offering the most realistic natural marble visuals available in tile,” said Shelly Halbert, director of product design for Dal-Tile Corporation, parent company of Marazzi USA.  “Utilizing Marazzi’s state-of-the-art digital printing process, Reveal Imaging technology, these products offer realistic color, detail, and veining that is unique, for a look that’s virtually indistinguishable from natural stone.”


Hot Trend – The Elegance Of Marble Visuals

“Nothing speaks luxury and sophistication like the look of marble,” said Halbert.  “The look of marble has always been an aspirational design visual that most people would love to have in their home or hospitality setting.  Our newly launched Classentino Marble wall tiles give architects, designers, and homeowners an exquisite way to create attractive feature walls, countertops, and backsplashes, or achieve ‘continuous design’ by tiling both the walls and floor of a space in the same gorgeous Classentino Marble color/design.  However, wall tile doesn’t have to match the floor tile. The new wall tiles we have created possess the beauty to stand alone and also pair well with wood or concrete floors.”


Hot Trend – The Popularity Of Textured Walls

“One of the most important trends in interior design right now is capturing emotions and different sensations in a space,” said Halbert.  “Creating tactile products that you can feel and touch, fosters a unique atmosphere and provides a depth of design. Marazzi’s new Classentino Marble wall tiles offer three stunning structures that add dimension and interest to the wall through raked, bold, or flat textures.”

The “raked” texture creates a linear plaster look creating a modern, clean design.  The “bold” texture captures a wainscot or paneling look for a more traditional feel.  The “flat” wall tile option adds a modern, clean, sleek feel to a room’s design.

Marazzi features a “satin finish” on these 3D structures, so when the light hits Classentino Marble’s textured wall tile, it creates movement.

Textured wall tile from Marazzi
Marazzi’s Classentino marble wall line offers intriguing texture

Hot Trend – Today’s Most Popular Colors

“When designing our new Classentino Marble wall tiles, we very carefully chose the colors Palazzo White, Corinth Beige, and Coliseum Gray following the lead of some of today’s hottest design trends,” said Halbert.  “White is currently the biggest trend in marbles and also white walls in general are a popular trend. White is clean, fresh, easy to design around, and very eclectic. Beige is coming back into design. It appeals to the more traditional consumer.  However, we created our Corinth Beige to be a transitional beige, between traditional and modern. This particular beige also pairs well with all gray tonalities in a home. Gray is still trending and is a foundational standard at this point — a great foundation on which to design.  Our Palazzo White, Corinth Beige, and Coliseum Gray are all very versatile and play well in both hospitality and residential settings.”

“Another very important trend in both hospitality and residential design right now is to create a warm and cozy ambiance in spaces and our three chosen wall colors fit this trend perfectly,” said Halbert.  “This ‘cozy ambiance’ design concept is officially called Hygge and has become very popular over the past year. Hygge is defined as Comfort, Coziness, Familiarity, Charm, Kinship, Simpleness, Happiness, Reassurance.  Design that embodies this premise makes us feel safe and comfy, allowing us to retreat away from all of the technology everywhere and the frenetic, fast pace of modern life.”


Hot Trend – Elegant, Larger Format

“We chose to produce our new Classentino Marble wall tiles in oversized 8×24 rectangles,” said Halbert.  “Large linear formats are very popular, providing more contemporary proportions. The 8×24 shape adds a touch of elegance, because it is thinner and longer.  It gives a grander look and the larger format elongates a space making it appear larger. The tiles can be run horizontally or vertically for different effects.”

8 x 24 wall tile
Marazzi’s Classentino Marble Wall line comes in 8 x 24 format















Hot Trend – Seamless Edge Visual

“One last attribute that we designed into our new Classentino Marble wall tile is a nice rectified edge,” added Halbert.  “This added touch gives the contemporary visual of an almost seamless wall which is very popular in modern design.”

“From high-fashion designs to contemporary color palettes, Marazzi collections always add beautiful statements to residential and commercial spaces, while maintaining the high performance customers expect,” concluded Halbert.

For details, visit www.marazzitile.com


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