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Tuesday, June 11, 2024

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Materiality and one-of-a-kind collections by WOW Design, on show at COVERINGS

WOW Design will be showcasing its signature tile collections at a new stand designed by the prestigious interior design studio Summumstudio.

The tile company will be introducing the US market to its latest small-format collections, with special glazes, unique designs and a broad spectrum of colours.

COVERINGS will be held in Orlando from April 18th to 21st.  

WOW Design, a tile design studio specializing in the creation and development of unique tiles with high added value, will be taking part in the forthcoming edition of COVERINGS, the US ceramic tile show held in Orlando from April 18th to 21st.

At the event, WOW will be introducing distributors, architects and interior designers to its latest small-format tiles with their signature designs, all conspicuous for their materiality and strong authenticity.

WOW Design will also be presenting its products at a new stand: a spacious display area with high added value, designed by the interior design team from Summumstudio, where visitors can gain an insight into the company’s different tiles, with their one-of-a-kind designs and strong natural appeal. WOW Design and Summumstudio have been singled out to receive numerous joint international awards for their ephemeral architecture.  

At this edition of the US tile show, WOW Design will showcase a wide array of small-format tiles with different geometries, including flat, volumetric, natural-look and glossy tiles. Likewise, American visitors to the stand will be given an exclusive foretaste of the new designs to be launched next autumn by the company at CERSAIE.

The Abbey Stone collection: timeless appeal

The Abbey Stone series reproduces stone naturally aged and worn by the passing of time. It comes in a matt finish in 44x44cm (17.3”x17.3”), 22x22cm (8.6”x8.6”) and 11x11cm (4.3”x4.3”) square formats or 22x44cm (8.6”x17.3”) and 11x22cm (4.3”x8.6”) rectangular ones. These porcelain tiles can be used indoors, outdoors and in wet areas, thanks to their non-slip grip. They come in a choice of three soft colours: Sintra, Lina and Cluny.

The Rebels collection: the beauty of imperfection

The Rebels collection has a deliberate slightly unfinished appearance in a glossy or matt finish. This last version gives the glazed surface a watery effect, evocative of traditional tiles. The collection comes in a 5x15cm. (2”x6”) format, suitable for use on both walls and floors, in a broad-ranging choice of 18 colours, perfect for creating unique bespoke projects.

The resplendence of the Glow collection

If you are looking for a collection with a glossy, almost crystalline appearance, then the Glow series, as its name indicates, is the one for you. This 5.2x16cm (2”x6.3”) rectangular wall tile collection, in a choice of 6 colours, features a plain-coloured field tile and a décor with differing inter-combinable geometrical surface designs. The décor’s 10 models come in a random selection in each box, perfect for creating continuous designs. A collection conceived to infuse settings with high luminosity.  

The transparency of the Aquarelle collection

The Aquarelle collection is a delicate, elegant glazed tile collection that emulates the effects of colours diluted in water, applied in transparent layers like a watercolour. This watery effect generates a sense of depth and movement on a tile surface with a high transparency. The wall tiles come in a 7.5x30cm (3”x12”) format in two designs: a rectangular model and another smooth-contoured one, thanks to its rounded edges. Aquarelle is available in a choice of 6 different colours. 

The Twister collection, ongoing movement

The Twister series is a wall tile collection brimming with vitality and movement. It comes in a 12.5×12.5cm (5”x5”) format, in a choice of 8 glossy colours. This is a collection with huge design potential. With just 3 tile models, numerous different continuous patterns can be created, thanks to their straight and curved designs.  

As well as the above collections, WOW Design will also be presenting Casbah, Hammer, Icon and Roots  in new 44x44cm (17.3”x17.3”)  and 22x44cm (8.6”x17.3”) formats,  and Sweet Bars.

Wow Design has a strong presence in the North American market, which accounts for 40% of its sales. It has head offices in Virginia, in addition to three logistics centres. 

WOW, signature tile design

WOW is a specialist in the design and development of bespoke one-of-a-kind signature tiles, tailored to meet individual projects and the needs of architects and interior designers. This makes the studio unique throughout the world. 

With its 20 years’ experience in tiles for material specifiers, WOW is present in 76 countries worldwide. It currently has a turnover of almost 53 million euros, with yearly rises in its annual turnover of about 40%, and a stable workforce of 300 people from the local community.

Its main target markets are the USA and European Union countries. Its goal is to continue expanding, mainly in these two markets via material specifiers through the design of small-format tiles with a high added value.

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