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MILE ® stone’s Large Format sizes, up to 48” x 110” are made in the USA

August 2023, Clarksville, TN. – Employing the latest technology in tile manufacturing, MILE®stone is now offering a portfolio of 48” x 48” and 48” x 110” sizes, in three of their most recent collections: JEM, launched in 2022, and the EcoStone and Farmhouse Living collections, launched at Coverings 2023. All 48” x 48” and 48” x 110” large format sizes are produced at the Florim USA factory in Clarksville, TN.

The 48”x 110” large format sizes in the JEM, EcoStone and Farmhouse Living collections are available in multiple, versatile colors and various finishes. And with the production of the carbon-neutral collection EcoStone, MILE®stone becomes the first manufacturer to offer a carbon neutral 48” x 110” large format size. 

“We will continue to add 48” x 110” large format options to our collections to accommodate the growing market for gauged porcelain,” says Florim USA CEO Rodolfo Panisi, “and we are proud they are Made in the USA.”

To facilitate the introduction of these large format sizes in the market, MILE®stone is offering handling, scoring/snapping and installation training at Florim USA’s Clarksville, TN facility, in partnership with their distributors. They are also offering their customers, architects and designers tours of their factory to educate and provide an up close and personal view of the technology used to produce these larger sizes.

Contact: Patricia Acosta, Corporate Communications Manager, [email protected]

Media Contact: Terri Sparks, Communicators International, [email protected]

For more information on MILE®stone Tile, visit www.milestonetiles.com.  

About MILE®stone MILE®stone, the manufactured brand of Florim USA, is proud to represent sustainable tile, made in the USA. We are committed to the environment and community by encouraging the use of building solutions through environmentally friendly practices. Florim USA, declared a Benefit Corporation in December 2022, combines an approach to sustainability that intersects with a business strategy embracing three areas of responsibility: economic, social, and environmental. In addition to numerous green memberships, accreditations, and certifications, MILE®stone introduced the industry’s 1st Carbon Neutral Porcelain Tile and is taking steps to become completely carbon neutral.

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