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New Ravenna presents Heritage, the 30th Anniversary Collection

December 15, 2022  (Exmore, Virginia)New Ravenna, America’s premier designer and manufacturer of mosaics for residential and commercial installations, is pleased to present the Heritage collection, in celebration of their 30th anniversary. The 14 mosaic designs in the collection are handcrafted in Virginia from stone, jewel glass, and Glazed Basalto™ with accents of brass and metallic glaze. Heritage was inspired by New Ravenna’s three decades of artisan innovation, which have created an American legacy in the art of mosaic design. The essential design ethos from each decade was reinterpreted to create a collection that honors ancient mosaic techniques, while celebrating innovation in materials, and imaginative design. History, Texture, and Color comprise the categories, which reflect each decade.  

Calamus, part of the History section of the Heritage Collection, is a hand-chopped mosaic incorporating 18 different stones.

Cean Irminger, New Ravenna’s creative director, says of Heritage, “To celebrate our 30th anniversary year, we created a mosaic collection that journeys through our three decades of design, innovation, and craftsmanship by reinterpreting our most popular patterns and textures and showcasing intriguing new materials. The History patterns in our first decade reflect our very beginning, when we were inspired by the ancient mosaics of the roman African tradition. Texture informed our second decade when we innovated in the creation of tatami, cosmos, and Venetian honing techniques. This was the decade we also incorporated metallic accents to add reflective shine and glamour. Color dominated our third decade as we expanded our palette options by adding brilliant jewel glass and glazed basalto. We pioneered ombré blends and discovered the joy of adding bold pops of color.” 

Heritage includes multiple finishes to create textures that reflect historical precedence. The materials in the collection have been honed, polished, pillowed, and tumbled. Mosaic techniques range from hand cutting and chopping to water-jet. Depending on the material, Heritage can be installed on walls and floors, indoors and out. New Ravenna mosaics are available at showrooms throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. www.newravenna.com #757.442.3379.


1992-2002 The patterns in this decade speak to beginnings, not only of New Ravenna, but the 3rd century mosaics of the Roman African tradition — the floors discovered in the ancient palaces of Tunisia and Rome. Traditional mosaic fields of hand chopped and tumbled tesserae connect the designs to their heritage. The waterjet counterparts of Palatium modernize the pattern and highlight the movement of new specimen stones in OysterThunderhead, and Mink.

(L to R) Oxford Weave and Amulet hand-cut stone mosaics; and Palatium, a hand-chopped stone mosaic.


2002-2012 In the second decade, New Ravenna became industry innovators in the area of textures, creating Tatami, Cosmos, and Venetian honing techniques. They began incorporating dazzling metallic accents into stone and glass mosaics, adding reflective shine and glamour. These mosaics reinterpret popular patterns using a medley of classic techniques, textures, and bright glimmers of brass and metallic glaze.

(L to R) Avenue hand-cut stone mosaic; and waterjet stone mosaics Chatham 2 Grande, and Beacon.


2012-2022  After twenty years of neutral colors, there was a dramatic change in New Ravenna’s color palette reflected by the discovery of new materials. Highly pigmented jewel glass allowed New Ravenna’s first foray into whimsical murals and vibrantly colored patterns. Ombre color blends in various shapes, textures, and sizes, added gradations of color to the stone palette. For the first time, New Ravenna was capable of producing photorealistic fine art panels, microscopic visions of nature’s most beguiling characteristics.

The discovery of Glazed Basalto produced saturated colors in stone, which brought bright pigments to floor and outside installations for the first time. Heritage introduces two iterations of Bricks in new jewel glass colors; soft dreamy pastels and a modern pop of jet with an organic whorl of black and white. 

(L to R) Reve Forest, a hand-cut stone mosaic; Chinoiserie, a hand-cut glass mosaic; and Twilight Mist, a hand-chopped stone mosaic.
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