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Thursday, July 11, 2024

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Ceramics Conquest: The 2024 “Passport to Creativity” tour 

On the 12th edition of the annual “Passport to Creativity” tour, Tile of Spain USA warmly welcomed a talented cohort of architects, interior designers and journalists to Valencia, Spain, for an immersive dive into the world of Spanish ceramics. Throughout the week-long trip, our guests not only engrossed themselves in Spanish tile from a design perspective but also from a historic and fabrication viewpoint as well. From venturing the charming streets and architectural wonders of Valencia’s Old City to touring the show floor of Cevisama and even witnessing ceramic manufacturers’ factories in action, our 4-day expedition was well spent discovering the latest Spanish ceramic innovations, trends and technologies straight from the source!  

Day One: Architectural Tour of Valencia and Welcome Dinner
Our Spanish adventure commenced on Monday, February 26th with an architectural tour of Valencia guided by architect Adrian Torres Astaburuaga. Our group spent the day discovering the rich history of the Old City, admiring the modernity of the City of Arts & Sciences Complex, marveling at the Silk Exchange and enjoying horchata at Horchatería Santa Catalina. 

In the evening, our attendees received an exclusive tour of the Hortensia Herrero Art Centre, where they had the opportunity to admire contemporary art across 17 different exhibition spaces. After viewing all the exhibits, our guests were treated to dinner at Mercado de lam Imprenta, courtesy of the Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturers’ Association (ASCER)

Day Two: CEVISAMA, the 2024 Tile of Spain Press Conference and the CEVISAMA 40th Anniversary Gala
The second day of the “Passport to Creativity” tour kicked off bright and early. Our guests were eager to immerse themselves in Spanish ceramics at the 40th anniversary of Cevisama, the International Ceramics & Bathroom Experience. The morning began with a visit to the showroom of the Keraben Grupo, where we learned about MetropolIbero and Keraben.  

After our first tour, our group attended the Tile of Spain press conference. In honor of the 40th anniversary of Cevisama, the press conference began with a presentation on design trends over the last four decades, followed by a speech from President of ASCER, Vicente Nomdedeu, regarding the current state of the Spanish ceramic industry. The press conference concluded with the recognition of the winners of the 22nd annual Tile of Spain Awards.

We continued our day at Cevisama exploring tile trends and innovations with ArcanaPerondaMuseum SurfacesHarmony InspireApavisaApariciVivesCeramica MayorExagres and Natucer.

Our night came to a close at the Cevisama 40th Anniversary Gala, where we joined fellow tile enthusiasts in celebrating 40 years of Cevisama with libations and hors d’oeuvres. 

Day Three: Factory and Showroom Tours
On the third day of the “Passport to Creativity” tour, our party journeyed from Valencia to Castellón, where we spent the day with Grespania, Cevica and Living Ceramics.  

Our first stop was at the Grespania factory, where we got a first-hand look at the manufacturing of large format tile. After learning about the production process, we visited Grespania’s showroom to admire the finished products! We enjoyed tapas, coffee and engaging conversation about their newest and most popular collections.  

Our next destination was the Cevica factory and showroom, where we uncovered the alluring charm, versatility and artistry behind small-size tiles. For our third and final stop of the day, our group headed to Living Ceramics, where we had the opportunity to explore their showroom while enjoying light refreshments.  

Day Four: CEVISAMA and Farewell Dinner
On the final day of the “Passport to Creativity” tour, we returned to Cevisama. In the morning, we walked the booths of RocaGresmancCerlatEquipeHalconEMAC and Gayafores before breaking for lunch. 

After lunch, the remainder of the afternoon at Cevisama was spent visiting the booths of RealondaUndefasaAlttoglassMainzu and El Molino.  

On our last night together, our attendees ventured into Valencia’s Old City, relishing in some shopping and sightseeing before our farewell dinner at Deli Rant. At dinner, we all reminisced about our cherished adventures and memories from the 2024 “Passport to Creativity” tour.   

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