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Schluter Systems announces North American Senior Leadership Team

With the departure Marco Ludwig, CEO and President of Schluter Systems North America in October 2021, company owners Udo Schlüter and Marc Schlüter saw an opportunity to implement a new, collaborative leadership model. Rather than a one-to-one replacement of the CEO position, a Leadership Team comprised of five senior members of the North American management group representing various areas of the business has been appointed.

“Working as a cohesive unit, this new leadership structure will foster collaboration, communication, and transparency across all departments to optimize the company’s performance and the service level we provide to our customers and partners,” said Udo Schlüter.

The Schluter Systems North America Senior Leadership Team consists of:

From left to right: Marc Schlüter, CJ Madonna, Henry (Dee) DeGooyer, Chantal Brunet, Udo Schlüter, Robert Grinnell, Bradley Van Brunt, Jr.

Henry (Dee) DeGooyer, Chief Sales Officer, has evolved in the ranks of the sales organization since 2006, serving various roles in commercial and distribution sales. At the core of every position DeGooyer has held, is his belief that the greatest things
in business are never done by one person, but as a team. This collaborative approach will continue to be the focus as he takes on the position of Chief Sales Officer, leading the Sales, Customer Service, Business Development, and Education departments.

Chantal Brunet, Business Support Leader, brings over 25 years of dedicated service and has spearheaded countless marketing and business development initiatives that have solidified customer relationships. Brunet now brings her experience and expertise to a variety of departments including Product Management, R&D, I.T., and Marketing. Her goal is to promote teamwork and synergy.

Bradley Van Brunt, Jr., Chief Operating Officer, joined the team 2015 and has been instrumental in implementing and optimizing operational processes to support business growth. As Chief Operating Officer, Brad heads up the company’s Production, Warehousing, Fulfillment, and Supply Chain departments with a focus on continuously improving the operational performance of the organization to better support our customers.

Robert R. Grinnell, Chief Financial Officer, came on board at Schluter Systems over 7 years ago, taking over the U.S. accounting and controlling functions. In his role as Chief Financial Officer, Grinnell ensures the functionality, accuracy, and performance of the entire North American accounting department, the maintenance of adequate funds and cash flows, and the protection of the company’s vital assets.

CJ Madonna, General Counsel, worked as Outside Counsel for several years before officially joining the company in 2007. As the main Attorney and primary source of legal advice for the company, Madonna provides insights and recommendations on
various matters. “We are confident that the combined experience and collective knowledge of the Senior Leadership Team will support the continued growth of the North American division by providing innovative solutions and serving the needs our industry,” said Marc Schlüter.

Contact: Lisa McBurney, Schluter Systems • Tel.: 800-667-8746 ext. 3293 • email: [email protected]

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