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STABILA spirit levels – PRO SET 80 AS/80 ASM

Two universal sets with cases/Two measuring surfaces for all positions/High measurement accuracy

You can never have too many precise, reliable spirit levels. That’s why the new PRO SET 80 AS and 80 ASM from STABILA are very practical for every trade. Each comprises three spirit levels in 12”, 24” and 48” (30, 60 and 120 cm) lengths. The 80 AS spirit levels are ideal for all kinds of measurement tasks in applications, including garden and landscape work, reinforced concrete construction, carpentry, joinery and tiling. The 80 ASM version is equipped with an extra-strong rare-earth magnet system that is five times stronger than the usual ferrite magnets. That makes this model particularly well suited to measurement tasks in metal and drywall construction. Every PRO SET comes with a robust level case that can be used to transport it comfortably to the construction site, whilst keeping it well protected when it is not in use.

The new PRO SET 80 AS (left) and 80 ASM (right) from STABILA comprise three highly precise spirit levels in 12”, 24” and 48” (30, 60 and 120 cm) lengths.

Horizontal and vertical vials, slim profile

All spirit levels from the 80 AS/ASM family have horizontal and vertical vials and two measuring surfaces, enabling accurate measurement in any position – including the reverse position.  Measuring accuracy is ±1/32″ @ 72″ (± 0.5 mm/m) in the normal position and ±3/64″ @ 72″ (± 0.75 mm/m) in the reverse position.  Both measuring surfaces are coated to protect sensitive surfaces. The electrostatic powder coating makes these tools easy to clean, allowing the kind of dirt that is typically accumulated on construction sites to be removed easily.

The spirit levels’ slim aluminium rectangular profile features reinforcing ribs for a high level of stability and a secure grip when in use in the field. The slip stoppers integrated into the impact-resistant plastic end caps ensure a firm hold when marking and prevent the spirit level from slipping.Like every spirit level from STABILA, the vial in the 80 AS/ASM spirit level series is permanently cast in the profile using a special method, ensuring lifelong precision. This also prevents the vial from detaching if the spirit level is dropped.

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