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The Digital Life Academy offers digital decluttering, organization, and wellness trainings

Neuroscience-informed courses, coaching, and content empower corporate teams, individuals, and students to use tech on their terms

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The Digital Life Academy has launched to offer practical, evidence-based courses and coaching on the use of digital-social-mobile tech and tools. The content and trainings are tailored for the needs of corporate teams and individuals, as well as students, and designed to support long-term tech success that contributes to people’s overall mental health in an always-connected world.

Founder and lead educator Irene Williams started The Digital Life Academy after teaching and speaking on digital decluttering, organization and wellness strategies for more than four years. A former digital and social media marketing agency owner who’s worked remotely for over two decades, Williams developed her unique frameworks after she reached a point of overwhelm that affected her productivity and mental health.

Irene Williams of The Digital Life Academy, recently presented a session on Digital Wellness & Organization at Total Solutions Plus in Palm Springs, Calif.

“Before developing lasting approaches to keep tech in check, I struggled with thousands of unread emails and over 20K phone photos. I was managing more than 21 social profiles between professional and personal life and lost inordinate time each day searching — yet not finding — files I needed,” Williams recalled.

She found “immediate, life changing” relief thanks to her systems. After a full year of sustained organization and ease, she realized she’d developed lasting solutions and began to create teachable frameworks to share with others.

“When I digitally decluttered, my time opened up and I got my life back,” she said. “I saw how valuable this was and decided to help others get to the other side of tech challenges, too.”

Williams noted that her approaches go beyond basic tips and tricks to offer permanent changes because they are rooted in functional neuroscience and backed by trauma-informed, cognitive behavior strategies and coaching.

“Evidence-based tactics meet real-life experience in these courses,” she explained. “Staying organized and in the lead of technology in the long-term actually requires us to rewire our brains!”

The Digital Life Academy’s modules address a full range of digital issues.

  • Email mastery to guide inbox decluttering, ongoing message management and improved email communications
  • Social media use to empower people to participate and share on their terms without mindless scrolling
  • Digital file and phone photo organization to transform clutter into easily-managed archives that are quick to access from anywhere
  • Digital device and messaging app use to minimize interruptions yet communicate effectively
  • Virtual meeting management to bring people together in healthier ways that support—not derail—interpersonal connection and workplace productivity
  • Regaining focus and deep work without having to take tech breaks and digital detoxes to be able to concentrate

Organizations and individuals may sign up for specific modules or book the full program. For teams and student groups, Williams offers customized live trainings (via Zoom or in person) or on-demand sessions via a web-based portal.

“By far, the Email Mastery course for teams is the most popular training,” she explained. “Email overwhelm is a massive issue. Even if people only take this one course, they learn the core strategies for managing their minds—so they can manage their tech.”

In addition to online courses, Williams offers keynote and business breakout sessions at conferences and events to shine the light on tech overwhelm as a notable mental health issue for our day.

Williams summarized, “Nobody comes to me and says ‘I need to be digitally well.’ They come to me to find out how to purge their inboxes or securely relocate phone photos to stop getting ‘storage full’ notifications. Becoming digitally well is a beautiful byproduct of the process.”

Learn more about the academy at thedigitallifeacademy.com. Submit interview requests and guest article inquiries for Irene Williams by email at [email protected].

The Digital Life Academy (TDLA) is a part of Msg2Mkt, LLC.

Founder Irene Williams serves as lead educator for TDLA. She’s a long-time business owner and entrepreneur who holds certifications in Applied Neuroscience & Brain Health (The Neuroscience Academy) and Trauma-Informed Life Coaching (LPCC). In addition to her work with TDLA, Williams is a voice in the personal development space and offers coaching programs for executive and entrepreneurial women.

Find more details at thedigitallifeacademy.com and irenewilliams.com.

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