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Typical Italian allure in Verde 1999’s new collections

From travertine to reclaimed stone, not to mention a refined oak parquet, fine Italian architectural materials are the inspiration for the new introductions from this company in Fiorano, Modena

Fiorano Modenese, April 12 2023 — A trip through the picturesque Italian countryside and its architecture is the common theme Verde 1999 chose for Coverings 2023. The new collections that this company from Fiorano Modenese will be showing at North America’s most important annual tile event in Orlando, Florida from April 18th-21st, drew their inspiration from the amazing natural materials and innate charm of a country famous for the timeless beauty that breeds in every aspect of its everyday life.

To start with, Borgo Italiano is a porcelain version of random mixed, reclaimed stones and its originality lies in the large sizes offered in the collection. The result is an inspiring tile series which at a glance might appear to be rustic, but in reality is also perfectly contemporary.

Next is Lapis, an innovative cut of Medici travertine, a stone used throughout Italian history since the Roman times. This pebble embedded version of a noble stone is totally new and in sync with the times, emanating personality and enlivening any project. 

Artwood, a refined, glazed porcelain wood, is complete with a fun, large format, wallpaper-like decor. The appeal of this line stems from its natural wood veining perceivable to the touch and its real-to-life colors. 

Two brand new introductions will be on display as well, Cosmopolitan, an appealing combination of modern stone and marble developed in a wide range of contemporary colors, and I Pastelli, a collection of small sizes, including a pressed hexagon, with a stucco-like design in irresistible pastel colors for creative installations.

The collections showing at Coverings emphasize Verde 1999’s new identity with fine, original products and a freshly styled logo paired with the pay off, “An Italian Story”. This new logo expresses the concept of the brand which became a part of Gruppo Romani at the beginning of last year and which aspires to bring Italian product to users around the world. 

Coverings 2023 Ceramica Verde 1999 – Visit us in Booth #820 

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