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Updated: ANSI A137.1 (June 2021) now available in digital and print

This publication presents voluntary standard specifications for ceramic tile. It lists and defines various types, sizes, physical properties, and grading procedures for ceramic tile, including mosaic tile, quarry tile, pressed floor tile, glazed wall tile, porcelain tile, trim units, and specialty tile. This standard provides quality criteria for buyers, specifiers, installers, manufacturers, and the public in general. It is intended for reference or inclusion in the ceramic tile section of project specifications and contracts.

Changes to A137.1-2019 were balloted and approved in 2021. The latest edition of this standard is A137.1-2021. 

The ANSI A137.1 standard includes the newly-balloted and approved updates outlined below:

  1. Section 6.1 Allowable Properties by Tile Type
    a. Table 8: Pressed Floor Tile
    b. Table 9: Glazed Wall Tile
    c. Table 10: Porcelain Tile
  2. Section 8.3 Labeling Procedures
    a. Section 8.3.1
    b. Section 8.3.2
    c. Section 8.3.3
  3. Section 9.2 Procedure for Evaluating Ceramic Tile for Facial Defects
    a. Section 9.2.2
    b. Section 9.2.6
  4. Section 9.4 Evaluation of Shade Value of Ceramic Tiles (Aesthetic Classes V1 to V4)
    a. Section
    b. Section

Updates and further information on ANSI Standards can be found here.

To order your copy, visit Tile Council of North America.

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